The Ultimate Guide of Teeth Whitening Gel for Your Brand


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The teeth whitening industry has a very large market and a huge potential for profits. There are several kinds of products and services that one could offer and there is also a high demand from the buying public.

You might be a newcomer to this industry or you might have been in it for a while but are looking for more opportunities for growth. Either way, it would be a very good move to try expanding your product line. To be specific, you might want to include teeth whitening gel among your offerings, if you don’t have it already.

The Ultimate Guide of Teeth Whitening Gel for Your Brand

What Is Teeth Whitening Gel?

Teeth whitening gels are substances that are applied to the teeth in order to lighten and brighten the color of the surface. Some kinds are applied directly onto the teeth with a simple applicator. Others require accessories like a tray. There are also those that work in conjunction with other processes, like the application of light.

When they first came about, teeth whitening gel was only available for professional use. That is, only dentists were qualified to use them, and strictly only in dental clinics. Today, however, there are many different brands and varieties of teeth whitening gel for home use. Each of these products may vary greatly in terms of the intensity of whitening, the length of recommended use, the duration of the effects, and a horde of other factors.

In general, the professional gel has more potent ingredients than the ones that are meant for home use. This means that the whitening treatment you will get at the dentist’s clinic will have faster and longer-lasting effects. However, the stronger formulation may also come with a higher risk of tooth sensitivity and other oral side effects.

The Best Materials of Teeth Whitening Gel

The exact set of ingredients in teeth whitening gel may vary across different brands. However, all of them contain the same basic ingredients.


Almost all of the teeth whitening gel products in the market today use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient. These are the elements in the gel that actually do the whitening. As soon as peroxide gets into contact with the tooth surface, it penetrates the enamel. The oxygen content then reacts with stain molecules in the teeth, causing them to dissipate and in effect, whitens the teeth.


The role of this ingredient is to thicken the product and keep it together. It also keeps the gel from overflowing from the teeth to the gums and other parts of the mouth.

Emulsion Stabilizer

An emulsion stabilizer is a substance that keeps the teeth whitening gel from coming apart. Without this, the other ingredients of the gel will separate. Like glycerin, an emulsion stabilizer also helps thicken the gel.


There are a few different ingredients that some manufacturers add to teeth whitening gel to improve their flavor. Most brands today contain menthol. However, there are also a lot of gels that do not have any flavor.

The Best Customizations to Your Brand

If you are going into the business of selling teeth whitening products, the best approach would be to work with a private label manufacturer. These companies will be able to produce the exact teeth whitening products that you want, with all the features that you specify.

When it comes to teeth whitening gel, there are many different ways by which you can have your products customized. At Cinoll Manufacturing, our expert production team is able to create teeth whitening gel based on your preferred formulation, capacity, color, and even packaging.

customized teeth whitening gel wholesale

1. Formulation

Cinoll has a number of tried and tested formulations for creating some of the best teeth whitening gels in the world. You can choose from these ready formulas or you can create your own for an entirely unique product. You can also specify the color and flavoring that you want your finished products to have.

If you are unsure of what options to pick, there is no need to worry because Cinoll has a very capable R&D team, as well as expert designers, who can help you with your decisions.

2. Capacity

Since it is a gel, this product obviously needs to come in some kind of vessel. Cinoll has a few different capacities for these vessels. The most in demand ones are the 2ml, 3ml, 4ml and 5ml syringes. These amounts are what people usually need for a single teeth whitening session. However, you can also order a larger capacity if you need it.

3. Container

Gels can typically come in a syringe, a tube, or a teeth whitening pen. No matter which one you prefer, you can pick all the details of this container and the teeth whitening manufacturer will abide by your requirements. For example, you can determine the color, the text and images that will go on the container. It would be a great idea to choose options based on what your target market might prefer.

4. Packaging

This kind of customization refers to the outer box of the teeth whitening gel. It is a great way of putting your brand and logo right on your product where everyone can see it. You can submit your own layout and design for the box or you can ask the Cinoll design team to do it for you. It is very important that you understand the importance of great packaging, so you must not take this part lightly. The packaging is what customers will see first and you create it in a way that will make an excellent first impression.

Teeth whitening gel is one of the most saleable products in the oral care industry. There is already a very high demand for them as it is but you can maximize your chances of making a great profit by taking advantage of the many customization options that are available to you. Check out these options offered by Cinoll Manufacturing and be on your way to creating the best teeth whitening gel for your brand.

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