The Ultimate Guide of Teeth Whitening Kit for Your Brand


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In the last few years, there has been a steadily rising interest and demand for teeth whitening products and services. In particular, home teeth whitening kits have been selling very well in many parts of the world.

One of the reasons for this is the growing awareness of the importance of having healthy teeth and a bright smile. Another reason is that teeth whitening kits today are easier and more convenient to use as compared to having to repeatedly go to the dentist for several sessions.

If you are in the oral care business, it is definitely a very good idea to include a good teeth whitening kit in your line of products.

The Ultimate Guide of Teeth Whitening Kit for Your Brand

What is a Teeth Whitening Kit?

Teeth whitening kits are a general term that refers to a set of devices and substances that people use to whiten their teeth. Although teeth whitening kit manufacturers come up with all kinds of varieties today, most kits just include a hydrogen peroxide gel or some other kind of bleaching agent, as well as a tray to contain the gel before you apply it to your teeth.

The way that teeth whitening kits work is really very simple. You just take the recommended amount of the bleaching agent and spread it evenly inside the tray. You then wear the tray in your mouth such that the whitening gel touches the surface of your teeth. It usually takes 20 to 60 minutes to finish a session. It would depend on factors such as the strength of the whitening substance, the amount that you placed on the tray, and so on.

The tray is usually disposable but there are also those that are good for multiple uses. The whitening gel will eventually run out. In this case, you can buy single pack gels instead of purchasing an entire teeth whitening kit every time you run out of gel. Many teeth whitening kits are easy enough for ordinary people to use on their own.

The Best Materials of Teeth Whitening Kit

One of the primary components of any teeth whitening kit is the whitening tray. Also called bleaching trays, these devices are usually made of material that is very flexible and molds very well to your teeth. This is very important so that the surface of all your teeth gets equal exposure to the bleaching agent. At Cinoll, we make both EVA trays and TPE transparent trays.

Another very important part is the bleaching agent. Some teeth whitening kit manufacturers create kits where the bleaching agent is already built in. There are also those where you will apply the whitener to the tray yourself before use. In the case of the latter, the kit comes with disposable syringes that contain the whitening agent. The bleaching agent is usually a peroxide based substance, but there are also many teeth whitening kit manufacturers that are now producing peroxide-free products.

In some of the more sophisticated products, an LED light also comes with the kit. You are meant to apply these lights over your teeth while you are wearing the tray. This light boosts the whitening effects of the bleaching agent and also reduces the duration of each session.

The Best Customizations for Your Brand

Teeth whitening kits are very diverse. There are a lot of components that you can choose to include or not, depending on your preference or the needs of your target market. At Cinoll, we allow for a very high level of customization of our teeth whitening kits. Basically, we will provide you with exactly the kind of kit that you need so you get to decide on the specifics of the product.

1. Teeth Whitening Trays

The trays that we include in our teeth whitening kits are made of the highest quality of materials and adhere to all standards of quality and safety. We have customized TPE transparent trays, as well as EVA trays. They fit perfectly on the teeth and are also fully compatible with the LED lights.

EVA teeth whitening trays

2. LED Whitening Lights

Our LED whitening lights run on rechargeable 330mAh batteries and are 100% waterproof. You can choose from three different quantities of light beads (16, 24 and 32) for different whitening intensities. We can also customize the color and design of the device.

white and red led teeth whitening lights

3. Whitening Gel

With regards to the whitening gel, you can choose whether to use peroxide or a non-peroxide whitening agent. In both options, Cinoll guarantees that you will get a highly effective product with superior whitening power. You will also decide on the color and flavor of the gel, if any. It would also be up to you if the gel will come in a syringe or pen.

3 Pcs Teeth Whitening Gel Box

4. Retainer Cases

The retainer cases serve as the container for everything in the whitening kit. There is a wide opportunity for customization here because you can create your own design for the entire case. In addition to the design and layout of your brand and logo, you can also choose the color, shape, material, and other decorations of the case.

retainer cases

5. Shade Guides

These are very helpful guides for the user to help them decide on the level of whitening that they wish to achieve from your teeth whitening kit. We have templates for these shade guides but we can easily customize them so you can add your brand and logo, pick your own colors, and choose the number of shades to include.

Shade Guide

6. Paper Instruction

Each of our teeth whitening kits comes with printed instructions that can be customized to include your company’s brand and logo. You can even include a message to your customers for a personal touch.

Paper Instruction


With the many customizations available, you can see that there are vast ways to create an excellent teeth whitening kit for different markets. At Cinoll, you can be sure that the finished product will always be up to industry standards. We will be very happy to give you a free estimate on your desired product, as well as free samples of our teeth whitening kits so that you can have a better idea of what we can manufacture for you.

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