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It is challenging to learn how to sell electric toothbrushes and become one of the most trusted names in dental care. Aside from competing with best-selling brands, it would help if you also marketed them in a way that appeals to buyers. Most shoppers would generally buy simple yet effective manual toothbrushes rather than their fancier counterparts.

How can you become a top seller of the electric toothbrush? Firstly, you should understand the benefits of this product to your end-users. You can then refer to these expert suggestions on making an excellent profit from electric adult electric toothbrushes

Why should your customers buy an electric toothbrush?

There is more to an electric toothbrush than just being a posh gadget for dental care. There are many advantages that your customers can benefit from when buying it. Consequently, these reasons can become your selling points to your clientele.

  • Effective plaque removal. Several studies revealed that electric toothbrushes could decrease plaque and prevent gingivitis compared to regular toothbrushes.
  • Best for people with mobility issues. Vibrating or oscillating toothbrushes lessen the need for manual brushing effort. It’s recommended for patients with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or developmental disabilities.
  • Less waste. The electric toothbrush can be more expensive than manual ones, but it’s a wiser purchase over time. You only need to replace the head when it’s time to buy a new one. That means there’s less wastage, too.
  • Built-in timer. With oscillating toothbrushes, you can set a long enough time to brush your teeth and remove plaque. It’s a feature that can help give you an edge on how to sell electric toothbrushes effectively.
  • Best for children. Parents sometimes find it hard to convince their children to brush their teeth. Electric toothbrushes offer a more fun way of doing this task and help them develop healthy oral care habits.

Foundations of effective marketing for dental care

Before becoming a top seller of electric toothbrushes, you should build a strong platform to solidify your marketing efforts.electric toothbrush head quality control

Customer understanding

First things first, you must identify your potential customers. Do you want to cater to a specific age group or lifestyle? You need to know the preferences and pain points of your target audience, and there’s one way to do that: research.

Know your competition

You cannot market your product effectively if you don’t know what you are up against. Studying the competition can help you plan a more effective strategy that works for you. You can inspect offers, price ranges, and guarantees of different brands because these things can affect future market trends.

Invest in the best products

If you want to know how to sell electric toothbrushes and become a top-selling brand, you should never hesitate to invest in leading oral care products. You can check out the broad range of electric toothbrushes from Cinoll, ensuring your brand is synonymous with high product quality and excellence standards.

Tips to becoming a top seller of electric toothbrushes

Harness the power of online marketing

When a potential customer makes a Google search of electric toothbrush brands, you must sit on the first few pages of the list. Many people now shop online, making it ideal to include an online marketing plan.

You can hire an expert marketer to advertise your product on your website, listings, and marketplaces. They are well-versed in enhancing your online presence, allowing users who want to buy an electric toothbrush to find you easily on the Internet.

Find the best price point

Electric toothbrushes tend to be more expensive than manual toothbrushes. However, there are a lot of factors that go into assigning the correct prices for your offers. What is the material used for the toothbrush? Does it come with extra features than regular electric ones? These things must factor into how much you want to sell your product.

If you want to be the top seller of electric toothbrushes, you must find the right balance between income and affordability for your customers.

Shipping and packaging

If you fulfill orders through shipping, you should ensure that the customer will receive the product in good condition. The electric toothbrush must be safely stored in its boxed and then covered with outer wrapping to cushion it while in transit.

Partner with a trusted manufacturer

In business, you cannot put a price on valuable partnerships with companies that bring you closer to your success. If you want to be the top seller of electric toothbrushes, you must choose the manufacturer that can satisfactorily fulfill your orders and maintain the quality of each product.

Cinoll has been an outstanding provider of oral and dental products for many years. It has been lauded for its state-of-the-art manufacturing and a robust research and development team that has created many successful teeth whitening products today. It has collaborated with several big brands in the industry.

You can be the next big brand in the dental care market when you partner up with Cinoll, too!

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