Tips: Looking for the Right Teeth Whitening Lights Supplier


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teeth whitening lights wiredBy simply searching online, you will most likely find several teeth whitening manufacturers in the market today. The easy part is searching for a manufacturer, but the real challenge lies in choosing the best and right one for your teeth whitening business.

While there can be manufacturers that offer lower rates on their products, you cannot guarantee that they are of high quality and safe for your customers. Remember that it is not only about the product’s affordability that makes a business work; you must also ensure that your customers get their money’s worth.

The same goes for a teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer. However, how to come up with a decision for your manufacturer?

Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening LED Lights Supplier

Starting a teeth whitening LED lights business is both an exciting and a challenging task. There are several factors you have to think about, and a few of them we list below.

1. Check Certifications

FDA certificationEvery product is made to give comfort to consumers; it is one of the main reasons manufacturers make products and distributors sell them. With that, all products must be safe. For teeth whitening LED lights, they have to be extra safe as they contact the human body.

A teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer must have certifications to prove that its products are safe and comply with specific standards. You can opt to ask for a copy of ISO, FDA, CE, and MSDS certificates. This will ensure product safety and lets you avoid the hassle of spending a lot of money just to settle for subpar quality.

2. Know Their Scalability

When you run a business, your goal is to grow, expand, and boost your brand effectively; you need a manufacturer that can provide low and high-volume orders. The ability for a teeth whitening manufacturer to do both is essential to provide consistency of your product quality.

You do not want to change manufacturers when you expand your business since you initially chose those that can only manufacture smaller quantities. It will not hurt you to evaluate each manufacturer and how their production works. After all, you have to look after the welfare of your business to provide products for your clients consistently.

3. Get Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

Delivery performance is vital to industrial buyers. As a distributor, you do not want your customers to wait for the next available supply of your products. Your manufacturer must realize that lead time commitments are essential, as much as how vital your promises to your customers of the availability of your teeth whitening LED lights are.

If you see a strange pattern in the delivery statistics and lead time commitments, it is already a sign of inefficiency on the manufacturer that can somehow affect your business.

4. Know the Teeth Whitening LED Lights Customization Options

Customization is what sets you apart from other brands. Teeth whitening LED lights are common in the industry today; hence you need to have a manufacturer who sees beyond the product itself and provides ways for your brand to stand out.

Cinoll is a private label teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer that ensures all client specifications are accommodated. Check out the list of what you can customize in teeth whitening LED lights.

Customizable Quantity of Light Beads

The number of light beads will determine the strength of its whitening. Cinoll provides options for the lights beads on the device from 1, 5, 16, 24, 32, 48, 100, or 200. You can also provide your desired quantity of light beads for every device.

Light Color Customization

A teeth whitening LED light is generally blue. However, you can ask for other colors to make a statement for your brand. You can even opt for your brand color. A distinct light color will also affect product recall from your customers.

Customizable Body Shapes and Colors

Cinoll’s design team accommodates all the designs you have in mind and makes it happen. This includes body shapes and colors. It is not just about black and white colors, but any color of your and your customer’s preference. We are also capable of molding any shape of your choice.

Customizable Adapters and Charging Methods

There are two options for a charging method – either USB or magnetic charging. Either way, it’s your call on what to choose. Adapters can come in three kinds, Android, iPhone, and USB.


Packaging includes a case for teeth whitening LED lights. It is not just about any ordinary case or box since it will bear your brand, logo, colors, texts and other elements to ensure your product is presentable and boost product recall.

5. Ask for Accessible Inventory Information

You can expect that your business will grow as you continue to market your business. There will be instances when the demand is high, so you need to bring in more teeth whitening LED lights. The tricky part in these situations is if you have a manufacturer capable of addressing changes in the demand for your products.

A transparent supplier on how its inventory works is a testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to you; that they can readily provide teeth whitening LED lights when you need them.

Cinoll, Your Whitening Lights Factory

teeth whitening lights charging methodsThe list above shows the key factors you need to look at when opening your teeth whitening business. Though it is not as comprehensive as it should be, these will surely help as you continue to explore how the industry works.

Cinoll is a private label teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer catering to thousands of global brands for over ten years. With our experience, we commit to providing solutions for every private label client, ensuring that we realize all your customization requests and helping you out with all the complexities the teeth whitening industry has. All you need to have are specifications on how you want to go about with your brand, and we will gladly make them happen.

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