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Recent years showed rapid growth in the sales of oral care products. In 2020, the market value of oral care reached $53 billion. Moreover, it is expected to hit $96 billion by 2031.

With this, it is ideal for you to decide to open an oral care business. The constant demand for premium oral care products calls for a reliable and qualified manufacturer. There are tons of them in the market today, and you could spend a significant amount of time searching for one.

The elements to consider for the right oral care business supplier?

Customization capabilities

You should know that customization brings fresh and new products to the market. It allows oral care products to stand out in an already tight market. Private label services will enable you to sell products under your brand instead of someone else’s. A manufacturer’s customization options should be comprehensive, giving clients the right to decide on essential aspects of oral care products. For example, if you choose to sell toothbrushes, it will not be enough to have the usual you see in supermarkets. Ensure that you will take part in perhaps designing your toothbrushes. That way, you can input some elements that reflect your brand.oral care teeth whitening trays supplier


Certifications from the FDA, ISO, CE, and other governing bodies must be available from your chosen manufacturer. Your oral care business can even ask for a copy of these certificates if you wish. Besides the mere compliance of securing these certificates, they can also prove that the oral care products went through an ethical and safe manufacturing process. Oral care products must be safe since they can contact the human body.


The quality here does not only mean the end products. It can include the machines used in manufacturing, the processes, and the workforce. A manufacturer cannot achieve premium quality products with poor machinery and incompetent people. Quality can also mean putting in the right concentration and amount of ingredients for every oral care product. Countries sometimes implement specific amounts for components like hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening strips.


Manufacturers who have been in the industry for years know the Xs and Os. They have catered to many brands to the point that they can quickly provide excellent manufacturing solutions for you. Of course, every client is different from the other, but their experience allows them to realize what’s best to help your oral care business grow. Whether a startup or an established business, you can never go wrong with an experienced manufacturer.oral care teeth trays


Smaller and younger businesses might have difficulty partnering with large-scale manufacturers who only offer higher MOQ (minimum order quantity). At the same time, partnering with a supplier who caters to only lower MOQ can be cause for concern when your business starts to expand. In these situations, choosing a manufacturer who can do both or work with your order demands would be best. The last thing you want to do is to constantly shift from one supplier to another because of different amounts of orders. Also, it is not a good marketing approach to confuse customers with the product quality because you keep changing suppliers.

Lead time commitments and delivery times

Avoid wondering when orders will appear on your doorstep. In the oral care business, where competition is tough, you cannot afford considerable gaps in sales. Hence you need to set expectations on when the products will be available. Look for a manufacturer who is transparent about their lead time and deliveries. Manufacturing timelines might depend on several elements like the number of orders, availability of raw materials, and the workforce. Besides being transparent about when they can finish manufacturing the products for you, ensure that they commit to the schedule. You cannot give false hopes to your customers just because of failed commitments.teeth whitening oral care trays factory

Final Thoughts

From planning, conceptualizing, and manufacturing, Cinoll will be with you until the end of the process. We know that running a business is a complex one. So we remove the complexities off of your list and ensure to manufacture quality end-products for your oral care business. We have been in the industry for over ten years now. Hence, we are confident in securing manufacturing solutions for you.

Some brands might not be able to see the manufacturing progress physically. Cinoll can provide updates remotely on the progress. Since we cater to brands from different parts of the world, not all companies have the capacity to visit our factory. Regardless, we can always guarantee that once the oral care products leave the factory premises, they have already gone through quality checks. More importantly, we ensure the design and concept you envisioned will be what you see as they reach your company’s doorstep.

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