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There are different types of dental floss available on the market. These are also distributed under different brands, allowing customers a range of choices. Some customers include floss as an absolute requirement for their teeth-cleaning regime. For this reason, going into the dental floss business might be a good choice.

Not only will you provide a service to your customers, but you will also find that it could become a lucrative market. Dental floss is presented in various ways, giving consumers more choices. You may find these in the form of floss picks, dental tape, and dental floss. The dental floss can be waxed or unwaxed, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) floss, or natural floss.

As a floss bulk sales company, you can offer floss for sale at low prices and still make a profit. This is because you can get your stock at a wholesale, dental floss price. All of the products you can offer to your customers can have their own customized packaging. Most importantly, you can set your dental floss cost very low.

The Types of Dental Floss

If you are starting a dental floss business, you will need to know a little bit about the product before you offer floss for sale. An important aspect to know is that there are different types of floss. In the first instance, it is an oral health aid.

For many users of dental floss, it has become an essential part of their daily routine for cleaning teeth. They also have preferences, and this will affect their choice of the many variations in the materials used in their manufacturing. Before you make your bulk purchase, then, you should be aware of the differences to keep dental floss costs as low as possible.

The Waxed Floss Typewaxed floss

Waxed dental floss has actually a thin layer on its surface. This will make it a little thicker than the unwaxed floss. The wax helps the user maneuver the floss more easily between the teeth. It also helps remove plaque more aggressively than unwaxed ones.

However, it can be tricky if the teeth are very tightly spaced. The alternative would be to provide non-waxed floss to your customers. The waxed floss may also offer customers some flavoring.

The Unwaxed FlossUnwaxed Floss

Even though the waxed floss helps remove plaque more aggressively than the unwaxed ones, the unwaxed ones can still be effective. This type may be preferable for people with closely spaced teeth.

However, because it lacks the thin wax layer, it is more prone to breaking or fraying. This can be frustrating. It is also made of nylon, which explains why it splits and frays. The solution might be to not use one strand too many times.

Polytetrafluorethylene Floss (PTFE)PTFE dental Floss

In recent times, a new type of floss has appeared on the market. It is called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) floss. It is also known as “silk floss.” It might be worth looking into, especially if you are considering going into the dental floss business.

Because it is so widely used, it might be a good investment. The reason it is so popular is that it is easier to slip into small areas and can slide smoothly between the teeth. It is much thinner, softer, and smoother than the other types. It is also much stronger than nylon. Many people prefer it, making it a product in demand.

Dental Tape and Dental PicksDental Picks

As a business or a prospective business, for dental floss products, it will be a good idea to diversify. You can add dental tape and dental picks to your product line. Both of these do the same as regular floss.

Dental tape is also available in waxed and unwaxed types. These are just wider and flatter than regular floss. It is an option for people with wider-spaced teeth.

Natural Floss

Increase your repertoire of dental flosses with an eco-friendly floss. The floss is made from biodegradable silk thread covered with beeswax or plant-based wax.

Next Step in Starting Bulk Dental Floss Business

Once you have the knowledge and are sure this is what you want to do, you can start the process. Keep the following points in mind:

  • That you have the necessary licensing or permits to run a business in your country. It may be much simpler if you already have a business and simply want to floss manufacturing plant
  • Getting the best dental floss price will assist you greatly if you need a loan for this venture. This will mean knowing exactly which types of floss you want to order.
  • Buying floss in bulk means that you have to divide your inventory to cover all the needs of your customers.
  • Depending on how big you want your business to be, you may need to hire employees. This will mean checking for tax requirements with the IRS and getting employer identification numbers (EIN) for tax purposes.
  • Once you are set up, you need to market your business before you open.

In order for the business to do well in this field, you need to cater to as many tastes or preferences as possible.

What Else Can You Do?

It will depend again on who your target market is. However, you can always expand your market as you grow. Other aspects that you might want to add and make available to your customers are:

  • Dental floss pouches that can be customized for your customers could be standard or luxury pouches.
  • Other services could include offering eco-friendly packaging, such as glass and paper box holders for dental floss.
  • They also offer convenient blister packs that you can offer your clients for easy display in their stores.


Cinoll offers a diverse selection of dental and oral healthcare products. Among these are different types of dental floss as well. These include all the customized packaging a bulk floss buyer can choose from. The same applies to the varieties of dental floss.

We offer examples such as waxes, unwaxed, natural, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) floss, and dental tape. Customers can choose from these at wholesale prices. This is especially great for those who wish to start a bulk dental floss business. We have a low minimum order quantity of 500, which is very helpful for startups.

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