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The market for dental care products is booming, and you should seize this opportunity by finding the best teeth whitening refill kits manufacturers. You’d want to get in the business with a partner that can provide high-quality and saleable products for you.teeth whitening bleaching gel wholesale

You can work as a supplier, retailer, or manage your clinic or beauty salon in the dental industry. No matter what area you choose, it’s crucial to sell products that excel in design, quality, and durability. You want customers to buy your products and repurchase them over again. To do that, you need a manufacturing company that can fulfill your orders satisfactorily.

How can you choose the best manufacturer for your business? Here’s a quick guide for you.

Teeth whitening basics

Over time, a person’s teeth can suffer from discoloration due to several factors. It can either be because of habits like smoking or drinking coffee, wine, and other substances. It may also happen due to intrinsic causes like injuries, medications, and tooth decay. Aging may also discolor the enamel as it gets thinner and wears away.teeth whitening gel apply to teeth

These teeth issues can easily be solved using whitening products. When you hear teeth whitening, people likely remember gels applied directly to the teeth surface. The solution typically contains a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. They initiate a reaction on the teeth’ surface, brightening them in the process.

Whitening gels have varying formulations—the bigger the concentration, the higher the brightening power. However, stronger formulations shouldn’t stay on the teeth longer than recommended. They are generally safe to use even for at-home applications.

Toothpaste also has teeth whitening properties, although it’s a non-bleaching product. Consumers will see better lightening effects on their teeth with only just a few uses of whitening gel. It’s one of the strongest selling points of this dental care product that makes it easy to market.

How does it work?

Peroxide-based gels are an oxidizer, which lifts the stains of the teeth by enabling a chemical reaction on the enamel. This product corrects the discoloration caused by the factors discussed above.

Since highly concentrated gels may cause dehydration, they are infused with other chemicals to seal in the moisture and hydration. Therefore, you must choose the manufacturer producing excellently formulated teeth whitening gels that your customers will love.

Picking the best teeth whitening refill kits manufacturers

Giving your customers the teeth whitening refills they deserve is possible when you work with an industry-leading manufacturer of dental products. Yes, there are plenty of options; how will you know you’re choosing the best? Here are some of the factors you need to seriously consider before signing that teeth bleaching gel wholesale

Safe formulation

Teeth whitening gels, when formulated poorly, can have adverse effects on the teeth. You can’t be caught selling subpar gel refill kits to your customers—it’s a death sentence for your brand. What you should do is find a manufacturer that uses top-quality ingredients.

You can discuss with the manufacturer their formulation methods and ingredients before buying their products. The success of your brand depends heavily on how effective the goods are. You should choose whitening gel refills that consumers are more likely to repurchase.


Creating your product line means having items that you can customize as your own. Your manufacturer must have customization options in the gel type, peroxide strength, and packaging. For example, Cinoll has multiple packaging solutions for you:

  • Metal pen + boutique case. This refill kit is a luxe version that appeals to the expensive taste. The packaging is made of metal material and printable with your logo and brand name.
  • Plastic syringe + boutique case. Made of eco-plastic, the syringe is encased in a boutique case, which is both protective and economical.
  • Plastic syringe + PVC bag. Dental clinics and retail stores that sell whitening gels rather quickly can pick this option.
  • Plastic syringe + paper case. This paper box design can house a couple of gel refills, making it a minimalist packaging.
  • Plastic syringe + cylinder box. This cylindrical box protects the syringes efficiently through its paper inserts.

You can choose a unique packaging that identifies your brand perfectly. Only an excellent manufacturer can offer you these options and more.

Officially certified products

When choosing a manufacturing company, you should inspect their certifications to make sure that you are buying from a legitimate source. They should hold various qualifications like compliance and conformity certificates. Their products must also be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Providing samples

As with any bulk orders, you should be sure about the product before spending a sizable amount of money. A good manufacturer fulfills requests for samples from their clients. Whether you are a retailer or supplier, having samples helps you check the product thoroughly before selling it.

Choose Cinoll

Cinoll, the leading manufacturer of teeth whitening and oral care products, checks all these considerations and more! Our company has an outstanding selection of teeth whitening refill kits that you can buy in bulk for your clinic, grooming salon, or retail store. You can customize the product with your unique branding, making it entirely your own.

We are one of the best teeth whitening refill kits manufacturers that can provide reliable, high-quality products for you. If you want to succeed in the dental care industry, partner with Cinoll and discover all the benefits today!

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