Toothpaste VS Powder: Which is the Better Teeth Whitening Product?


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Toothpaste is very popular. It is the most used oral hygiene product in the world. However, tooth powder is also very popular. Toothpowder used to be the major tooth whitening product until toothpaste came along. It just went out of use some decades ago.

Even so, some stores still sell tooth powder. Although it is very scarce nowadays. The best place to get tooth powder is an online store. Most people buy tooth powder because it is great for getting your teeth whitening. Some people prefer it to toothpaste. This article would be comparing both products in this aspect.

What is tooth powder?

Some stories claim that tooth powder has been around since ancient times. According to these stories, ancient people mixed different women brushing teeth with toothpasteingredients to form this powder. Ingredients like myrrh, crushed animal bone, burnt eggshells, and oyster Shells. These ingredients are mixed after being crushed. After the mixture, the powder substance formed is used to clean your teeth.

However, later in the 19th century, tooth powders were made with chalk or baking soda with salt. These were very popular then. They had both homemade and industry manufactured tooth powders.

Tooth powder ingredients at home

Because of the scarcity, people have resulted in making powder on their own. Here are the ingredients used.

  1. Baking soda
  2. Coarse salt
  3. Charcoal powder
  4. Flavors

All other extra ingredients are just for flavors and sweetness. Things like essential oil, peppermint, or clove.

Tooth powder can be bought in specific shops or online

They are found mostly in specialty shops. Although the online shops and oral care products manufacturers have them too. The products differ because each brand tends to add something to make theirs special. For instance, some toothpastes have fluoride while some don’t.

The normal ingredients are mostly cleansers and some ingredients that work to whiten your teeth. The most common ingredient in tooth powders now are:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Activated charcoal
  3. Bentonite clay

Tooth powder needs water

Unlike toothpaste, toothpowder has to be used with water. Add the required amount of water and then use it as you use your toothbrush. Also, you can just put the powder on a wet toothbrush and use it normally.


Toothpaste started taking over the market in the 19th century. They started by selling it in jars. Although the ingredients used to make toothpaste then didn’t contain teeth whitening ingredients. The tooth whitening ingredients were included in the 20th century. Ingredients like fluoride and sodium laurel sulfate.

Most of the toothpaste brands manufactured still carry most of these ingredients.

Tooth powder vs toothpaste

A table comparing toothpaste and tooth powders based on features.

AspectTooth PowderToothpaste
IngredientsTypically made of baking soda, salt, and herbsContains a variety of ingredients including fluoride, flavorings, and abrasives
TexturePowderPaste or gel
FoamMinimalProduces more foam than tooth powder
Cleaning PowerEffective at removing plaque and stainsEffective at removing plaque and stains, some toothpaste also offer additional benefits
Breath FreshnessMay not have a strong flavor or lasting freshnessProvides stronger and longer-lasting breath freshness
ConvenienceMessy to use and can be difficult to storeEasy to use and store
PopularityLess popular compared to toothpasteMore popular and widely used
PackagingOften sold in plastic-free packaging optionsTypically sold in plastic tubes
EnvironmentalCan be more eco-friendly due to packaging optionsOften contains non-biodegradable ingredients, but some toothpaste brands are recyclable

Using the table above, we can easily say that tooth powder is better at teeth whitening. However, toothpaste products have general oral hygiene ingredients. Also, toothpaste is government approved for the job.

Between toothpaste and powder which is better at tooth cleaning?

There have been studies that show the effect of fluoride on oral hygiene. However, no study, in particular, compares their effectiveness in this area. Furthermore, in 2014 and 2017, a researcher found that powder removes tooth stains better. Also, toothpaste and tooth powders share a lot of ingredients in common.

teeth whitening powder and bamboo toothbrushHowever, one thing is certain. Intrinsic and extrinsic stains don’t go out if you use Toothpaste and powder. Intrinsic stains originate with the tooth and not its surface. Most times some medications in particular cause these issues. Mainly tobacco, and some other substances.

Extrinsic stain on your teeth occurs because of certain substances. For instance, tobacco, coffee, and some other substances. Whitening toothpaste can easily get rid of this stain. This is the only purpose of this product. Take out the stain and whiten your teeth.

Cinoll Factory

If you are thinking of getting any of these products. The best place for you would be a teeth whitening manufacturing supplier. Cinoll is currently your best bet for products like this. They offer a lot of benefits to customers who purchase these products. They have clinically tested products, a good reputation, and they are registered by FDA.

What is the main difference between toothpaste and tooth powder?

Most toothpaste manufacturers add thickness and humectants to them. These ingredients keep them smooth and moist at all times. Tooth powders are dry substances. They don’t have any humectants in them. Although both products differ in ingredients. The difference, however, depends on the brand.


Toothpaste and tooth powders are two different products. However, they both have similar qualities that people are drawn to. Also, for teeth whitening tooth powder does a better job. Even though toothpaste is a better teeth cleaner. There are also toothpastes made specifically for teeth whitening.

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