Top 4 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers in the USA Market


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USA Sonic Electric Toothbrush Market Thrives

In 2020, the worldwide toothbrush market was estimated to be worth $6.2 billion, with electronic toothbrushes accounting for a sizable chunk of that value, according to a study by Grand View Research. According to the study, the global toothbrush market will expand over the upcoming years due to factors such as rising oral hygiene consciousness and technical developments in toothbrushes.USA Sonic Electric Toothbrush Market

According to a Statista study, sales of electronic toothbrushes have been increasing consistently in the USA over the past few years. Electric toothbrush sales in the USA increased from $900 million in 2016 to over $1.1 billion in 2020. Electric toothbrushes are becoming more common, especially among younger customers, even though conventional toothbrushes still rule the market. Over 22 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 used an electronic toothbrush in 2020, according to Statista.

In terms of sonic electric toothbrushes particularly, a Technavio study revealed that the market is anticipated to increase by $1.02 billion between 2020 and 2024. The study attributes this development to elements like rising dental health consciousness and sonic technology’s efficiency in eliminating plaque and enhancing gum health.

These figures collectively imply that the toothbrush market is changing both domestically and internationally, with electronic toothbrushes—including sound electric toothbrushes—becoming more and more common. It is likely that the market for electric toothbrushes will expand as customers become more conscious of the advantages of using one and technology advances continue to enhance toothbrushes.

Why We Write This Insight

But here is the catch; teeth whitening products come in various forms, and one of the highest selling products today is Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

These products are not easy to manufacture due to the electric components and related research required. So to cooperate with the best sonic toothbrush suppliers for your oral needs, you need to source yours from a very good and reliable manufacturer.

You’re at the right place if you’re electric toothbrush brand. Here are 4 of the best Sonic toothbrush manufacturers in the US market, let’s take a look!

What Determines Good Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers

The criteria for determining a good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory are similar to those for any other type of manufacturing factory. Some key factors to consider include:Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer

  1. Quality of products: A good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory produces high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations. This can be determined by looking at the factory’s track record of producing electric toothbrushes that are durable, reliable, and effective, as well as the factory’s quality control processes and certification.

  2. On-time delivery: A good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory has a proven track record of delivering products on time and meeting deadlines. This is important because timely delivery is crucial for a brand to meet its own deadlines and commitments to customers.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: A good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory offers competitive prices for its products and services without compromising on quality. This can help a brand save costs and increase profitability without sacrificing the quality of its products.

  4. Flexibility and scalability: A good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory is flexible and can easily adapt to changes in demand, production volume, and product specifications. This is important because a brand’s product offerings and production volumes may change over time, and the factory should be able to accommodate these changes.Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers

  5. Communication and collaboration: A good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory has clear and effective communication channels with its customers and other stakeholders. This can help the factory understand the brand’s needs and requirements, and provide timely feedback and support. In addition, a good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory is willing to collaborate with its customers and other partners to continuously improve its products and services.

  6. Compliance with industry regulations: A good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory complies with all relevant industry regulations and standards, such as safety, environmental, and quality standards. This is important because non-compliance can lead to legal and reputational risks for the brand and the factory.

  7. Expertise in electric toothbrush technology: In addition to the general criteria mentioned above, a good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory should have expertise and experience in the technology and engineering of electric toothbrushes. This can help the factory produce electric toothbrushes with advanced features and functions that provide superior cleaning and oral health benefits to users.

Overall, a good electric toothbrush manufacturing factory should be able to demonstrate excellence in all of these areas to ensure that it can provide high-quality products and services that support the success of its customers.

4 Best Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers USA

Cinoll Co., Ltd

cinoll dental oral care factory


Cinoll is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of sonic electric toothbrush products. The company specializes in providing contract manufacturing to companies and suppliers of sonic toothbrush technology. Their electric toothbrushes are certified with CE, FDA, ISO, RoHS, IPX7 for high quality and waterproof guarantee. They supply large to small brands and stores, such as electric tootbrush brands, amazon stores, influencer’s brands and more. Cinoll products are of the highest standards. Their products are:

  • FDA & CE certified
  • Safely and uniformly packaged
  • 100% customized to your company’s requirements

Flagship Product

The UV Clean Sonic toothbrush is Cinoli’s flagship product. It is pre-designed in different colors and has just the right length, curve, and hardness. Let’s just say that this sonic electric toothbrush is customized to meet your dental needs. It has customized modes such as the sensitive, daily cleaning, massage, and brightening modes.


Some of the amazing features of the UV Clean Sonic Toothbrush include

  • Bespoke shape
  • USB charging
  • Waterproof resistant
  • Break-resistant
  • Customized Maglev brushless motor
  • Attractive package
  • Customized travel case


PowSmart logo


Another highly rated manufacturer operating in the US market is PowSmart. This manufacturer designs sonic toothbrushes for an ultimate teeth whitening experience. PowSmart has successfully carved a niche for itself in the US market by providing users with toothbrushes packed with top-notch technology. Their product offerings have minimalist designs specially created for high-end users who know the value of maintaining healthy dental health and are willing to pay for it. Their products are

  • User friendly
  • Personalized to meet user requirement
  • Energy efficient

Flagship Product

PowSmart’s flagship product is the Electric Sonic Toothbrush. This product is rated by many in the industry as one of the best there is. It comes in four different colors; white, black, pink, and mint green. Regular use of this sonic toothbrush eventually leads to long-lasting results. What’s more, the brush is quite durable and will last for a very long time.


Some of the features include

  • Minimalist design
  • Attractive colors
  • State of the art technology



SmartSoinc+ is a manufacturer of wireless charging electric toothbrushes with user-friendly features. The professional designs of their products make them a highly sought-after class of sonic brushes. SmartSoinc+ specializes in manufacturing products that offer utility for teeth whitening, tongue cleaning, gums care, and Tiro technology. They also offer products to a special section of the market that require special dental care.

Flagship Product

This manufacturer’s flagship product is the T5W Rechargeable Toothbrush. It is designed to provide dental care to users who have highly sensitive teeth and gum. The technology is quite the innovation as it has a brush head replacement feature that reminds the user of the need to replace the head when the old one is no longer useful.


  • Dupont head brush
  • Low noise
  • Adjustable strength
  • Waterproof grade


Helen Smile

Helen Smile logo


Last but not least, on our review of the top sonic electric toothbrush manufacturers is Helen Smile. This company manufactures different types of dental care products, with the main ones being their electric toothbrush and brush sterilizers. Having operated in the industry for several years, the experts at Helen Smile know a thing or two about manufacturing high-grade dental products that resonate with users. Their strict quality control procedures cover the beginning of the production stage to the packaging and distribution stage.

Flagship Product

Helen Smile’s flagship product is this Soft Bristle Electric HS15 Toothbrush. The product is FCC and CE approved, and it has an IPX7 waterproof shield to protect the electric mechanism. Helen Smile makes personalized versions of this brush for interested customers. As a customer, you may choose to have your logo carved on the brush. Some other customized features can be requested on demand.


  • 2 minutes intelligent timer
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Sonic vibration of 38000 per minute
  • A fully charged battery lasts for 40 days max

Mark These Certifications in USA Market

Electric toothbrushes sold in the USA are subject to certain regulations and standards to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Some of the key certifications that may be required for electric toothbrushes sold in the USA include:

cinoll certifications
Cinoll Certifications
  1. FDA clearance: Electric toothbrushes sold in the USA must be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as medical devices. This involves demonstrating that the electric toothbrush is safe and effective for its intended use, and that it meets the relevant performance and design standards.

  2. UL certification: Electric toothbrushes sold in the USA must be certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as compliant with the relevant safety standards for electrical products. This involves testing the electric toothbrush for electrical safety, fire hazards, and other risks, and ensuring that it meets the required safety standards.

  3. ADA certification: Electric toothbrushes sold in the USA may also be certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) as meeting the ADA’s standards for safety and effectiveness. This involves evaluating the electric toothbrush’s performance, design, and clinical data, and ensuring that it provides superior oral health benefits to users.

Obtaining these certifications can help ensure that electric toothbrushes sold in the USA meet the relevant regulations and standards, and provide safe and effective oral hygiene benefits to users.

Why Qualified Manufacturers?

A brand of electric toothbrushes needs to find a good manufacturer because the quality of the manufacturer’s products will directly affect the reputation and success of the brand.

A good company will make electric toothbrushes that last long, work well, and are safe to use. This can help the brand gain the trust and loyalty of customers.

On the other hand, if the company makes low-quality or broken products, it can hurt the brand’s reputation, make customers unhappy, and cause sales to drop.

A good manufacturer can also help the brand with product development, testing, and following industry rules.

Overall, if you want your electric toothbrush brand to be successful and last, you need to choose a reputable and reliable manufacturer.


Although there are more than a few manufacturers of Sonic electric toothbrushes operating in the US market currently, the four brands mentioned in this review are some of the best in the game.

Their products are quite efficient and represent value for money. Every product offering is well thought and designed to offer the user maximum satisfaction and optimum oral health.

Furthermore, there are no risks or side effects associated with any of the products they manufacture. Your dental health and safety is guaranteed at all times when you use their products.

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