Top 5 Teeth Whitening Manufacturers in Australia


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In Australia, people have always been very conscious about their dental health, which is just how it should be. But in recent years, it is not just the health and cleanliness of their teeth that Australians are paying attention to. Studies show that there has been a rising interest in teeth whitening procedures and products, especially among the younger generation.

For teeth whitening businesses and oral product resellers, now is the perfect time to invest in the Australian market and meet the rising demand. Traversing the teeth whitening industry is not really that hard. To do this successfully, you just have to start by partnering with the right manufacturer that can supply you with the products that people are looking for.

Working with a locally-based manufacturer has its perks, being close to the market area and all. For instance, it might be cheaper to transport the goods and it would be good for the local labor community. But you should not discount global suppliers either. There are plenty of them that can provide much better products than any of those that you can source locally.

Best 5 Manufacturers in Australia

There are definitely more than 5 teeth whitening manufacturers in Australia but checking out every single one of them will be a time-consuming task. As a business owner, you can surely appreciate the value of time.

This is why we have taken the initiative to do some research for you and present you with the top 5 teeth whitening manufacturers so you do not have to go out and look for them yourself.

1. Cinoll

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Cinoll is by far one of the most trusted companies in oral care products today. They produce excellent teeth whitening products of different kinds. The company is based in Shenzhen, China but they have clients all over the world, including Australia. They are not a local manufacturer but it is definitely worth doing business with them because of the superior quality of their teeth whitening products. They also have very competitive prices and they have a very quick turnaround time.

One of the special features of Cinoll is that they are a private label manufacturer. That is, they can produce exactly the teeth whitening products as you need them, with your formula, your design, and your brand. To your customers, it will be just like you created the product yourself when in fact, Cinoll can do all the production work for you and all you have to do is sell the product.

Cinoll is a company that is driven by their sincere passion for the oral care industry. They have a deep commitment to quality and integrity, which is why they have dozens of loyal customers all over the world today.

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2. Whiter Smile

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For more than 15 years now, Whiter Smile has been the leading local supplier of a wide variety of teeth whitening products in Australia. Among their most in demand products are bleaching gels, home teeth whitening kits, toothpastes and whitening pens. As one of the pioneers of the teeth whitening industry in Australia, Whiter Smile is proud to have one of the most effective and fastest acting teeth whitening formulas in the country today.

The products in the Whiter Smile catalog are very powerful and are capable of changing the color of teeth up to 10 shades lighter. In fact, this brand is trusted by a lot of celebrities not only in Australia but in many other parts of the world. If you are looking for teeth whitening products to offer your customers, the Whiter Smile line is definitely something that you should consider. The fantastic quality and reasonable prices make their items very saleable, which would certainly be good for boosting your business.


3. SDI Ltd.

SDI logo

SDI Ltd. has been a top manufacturer of a wide range of dental products in Australia for nearly half a century. Established in 1972, SDI Ltd is an Australian-owned enterprise that has sold products to clients from all over the world. Their clientele includes some of the best known dental brands of today.

SDI Ltd.’s facilities are all located in Victoria. If you choose them as your teeth whitening manufacturer in Australia, you will not only get high quality products for your clients. They will also provide you with marketing materials that you can use to promote your wares and boost the growth of your business.


4. Australian Teeth Whitening

Australian Teeth Whitening logo

If you are looking for products of high quality and affordable prices, this is the company you should approach. Australian Teeth Whitening can supply you with all the products and equipment you will need for your enterprise. They cater mostly to mobile technicians, dentists and teeth whitening salons or spas. They also supply a lot of oral care product distributors and resellers.

Australian Teeth Whitening has its main office in Queensland. However, they are able to ship products to clients at any point in Australia. They have their manufacturing sites in the USA. The finished products are shipped to Australia where they are cleared for ACCC requirements. This supplier offers both professional and DIY teeth whitening kits, as well as LED lights, syringes, goggles and other teeth whitening accessories.

There is no doubt that this company provides only the best quality products and tools. They are very reliable, as you can easily see from clients’ feedback. In addition, they also offer training and support for those interested in starting a business in teeth whitening.


5. Australian Cosmetic Whitening

Australian Cosmetic Whitening logo

This company is a one-stop shop for all that you need that has to do with teeth whitening. Their primary clients for their retail products are dental clinics, salons and mobile technicians. But if you are in the teeth whitening business yourself and are looking for a supplier of whitening products in Australia, you can count on them as well. This supplier also offers great wholesale offers for all their products.

Their specialty is the teeth whitening gel, which many claim to be the most effective among all the others that they have tried. Depending on the duration of use, these gels can provide teeth whitening of up to 14 shades lighter. Some of the products of Australian Cosmetic Whitening are manufactured in foreign facilities. Nevertheless, each one is fully compliant to Australian dental product regulations.

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