Top 5 U-Shaped Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers in China


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The U-shaped electric toothbrush has become quite a popular product recently. Like most toothbrushes, it has silicone bristles that move in rapid simultaneous action on the entire arch of teeth. Many have said that it provides more efficient cleaning than regular electric toothbrushes.

If you are an oral care product distributor or if you are planning to start your own line of toothbrushes, then U-shaped electric toothbrush should certainly be included in your list of products. To speed up your search for the best u-shaped electric toothbrush manufacturer, we have listed the top 5 toothbrush manufacturers in China today for you to choose from.

1. Cinoll

Cinoll oral care

One of the biggest manufacturers of dental care products in the world today, this China-based company is one of the first global suppliers of electric toothbrushes to global brands. Their U-shaped sonic electric toothbrush comes with full FDA and CE certifications and is waterproof from IP5 to IP7.

Cinoll can do complete customization of the toothbrush handle and the sizes of their U-shaped electric toothbrush. The team uses a highly advanced silicone molding technique that is capable of producing any design for the handle. They can also customize the cleaning modes, the silicone brush, the charging methods, and even the packaging. In addition, they have very affordable pricing, quick turnaround and an excellent sales team.


Silinka is a manufacturer that specializes in beauty, cosmetics and oral care products. They currently have two readymade u-shaped electric toothbrushes that clients can choose from. The first is a 360-degree full automatic wireless sonic electric toothbrush, while the other is an auto LED wireless rechargeable toothbrush. Their minimum is only 10 boxes so they are quite suitable for starting companies.

Hans Tech

Hans Tech is one of the leading suppliers of oral u-shaped electric toothbrushes for kids. Their toothbrushes are small and portable, just right for small hands to hold. They use food grade silicone bristles for safety and fast magnetic charging for convenience. The U-shaped electric toothbrush of Hans Tech comes in six different design series that are very attractive for children. All the toothbrushes are IPX7 waterproof.

BF Evergreen

A specialist in personal care products, BF Evergreen makes some of the best U-shaped electric toothbrushes in China. The features of their U-shaped toothbrush include powerful 360 degree automatic cleaning, speedy wireless charging, a vibration frequency of up to 30000 rpm and a high quality brush head with food grade silicone. BF Evergreen is known for their top quality products and fast delivery.


Shenzhen Balinda Technology Co. Ltd. has been one of the primary producers of electric toothbrushes in Guangdong since 2014. They have a very fast response time and hundreds of excellent customer reviews. Their toothbrushes come with CE certification and their facilities are ISO certified as well. Balinda has been supplying electric toothbrushes to well-known brands in North America, Western Europe and Eastern Asia.

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