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kids 360 degree u shaped mouthpiece toothbrushes factoryWhether it’s a small or a large company, deciding to introduce a new product line requires a thorough process. It’s not something that a company does overnight. You need to consider several factors like the cost of expansion, specific target market, product manufacturer, and marketing strategy.

Your company must also be flexible with constant changes in business environmental conditions like the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have known by now how the pandemic affects several businesses today. However, Cinoll is not here to scare you. Instead, we will help you figure out how you can ensure the success of your U-shaped toothbrush expansion plan.

What kind of U-shaped toothbrush do you want to offer?

U-shaped toothbrushes have only emerged in recent years. Some of your clients may also find this toothbrush unique. It’s a little different from the usual toothbrush that most of your clients know. The U-shaped brush head is directly wrapped on the teeth and moved slightly to the left and right to brush the teeth. U-shaped also uses silicone toothbrushes with softer brush heads.

U-shaped toothbrush for kids

One of the most significant advantages of the U-shaped toothbrush is that it can completely wrap around the teeth 360 degrees. Also, it provides a better contact area between the brush head and the tooth surface 20 times larger than those ordinary toothbrushes.

Manufacturing U-shaped toothbrushes for kids can be a little difficult since you have to give utmost priority to safety. Cinoll works under strict compliance with FDA and CE standards to ensure every toothbrush is ideal for children.

Adults’ U-shaped toothbrush

adult 360 degree u shaped mouthpiece electric toothbrushesBeing a U-shaped toothbrush manufacturer, Cinoll ensures to accommodate all age groups when it comes to oral care. As for adults’ U-shaped toothbrushes, we offer all-around customized services. We can even turn your toothbrushes to the function of teeth whitening.

The adult U-shaped toothbrush has three cleaning modes: the strong, gentle, and bright white modes. Users just have to see the bottom of the toothbrush and switch the button between different cleaning modes. While choosing a cleaning mode, you might notice a red light for strong and soft modes and mild blue light for bright white mode.

Now, being familiar with the several kinds of U-shaped toothbrushes is just one step. The most important thing is to understand essential business procedures so your business can assure maximum profitability. With Cinoll as your U-shaped toothbrush manufacturer, we will take you through the other things you need to know for your product line expansion.

Do you know about private labeling?

u shaped toothbrush packaging boxes in paperOf course, you want your new product to stand out from the rest of the other brands in the market. The key here is private labeling. With private-label branding, you have control over production, pricing, sizing, packaging, and finally distribution without having to worry about investing in a manufacturing facility. Cinoll has got you covered with our customization options for your brand.

1. Custom molded handle

Our silicone molding techniques will turn your designs to life. Whether you want the handles round, square, animal shapes, or even spaceships, we can surely mold them for you. This is very vital when your customers include kids. The more colorful and unique the handle is, the more attractive it is for the younger ones.

2. Customized silicone brush

You can customize the U-shape brush to your designed shape, the quantity of the bristles, and the food-grade brush materials.

3. Customized packaging

We always ensure quality for every product that we make, including the packaging. Since it’s one of the first things that customers can see, we can help you create attractive retail packaging just like gift boxes. We accept all kinds of logo and brand printing on every box packaging.

4. Customized wireless charging

To make it look cute and attractive, Cinoll will match the charging base to the whole design of the U-shaped toothbrush.

5. Teeth whitening function

For clients who opt to have teeth whitening with a U-shaped toothbrush, you can request to add whitening lights to the toothbrush. It’s like a 2-in-1 design to get your teeth fully whitened.

Have you thought about inventory and manufacturing?

As you continue to sell attractive and effective U-shaped toothbrushes, you can expect increased demand in the succeeding months. Since these toothbrushes can also serve as gifts on holidays and special occasions, you surely would want to stock up more on U-shaped toothbrushes during the holiday season.

But have you thought of how you can store your stock products if you have limited storage space? Let your U-shaped toothbrush manufacturer help you with your inventory. Cinoll ensures to stock up on very popular dental whitening products in advance and to book extra warehousing facilities. With the premium quality of products, we always foresee our clients to have a wider reach of their target market.

Get Top Manufacturing Services

For now, U-shaped toothbrushes remain to be a new technology and new product to the market. Several factories are yet to have the complete supply chain and certifications to ensure quality manufacturing. Cinoll as your U-shaped toothbrush manufacturer has the exclusive production lines and specialists to work on U-shaped toothbrushes. We have our private molding services team and a design team to work on handle molding and other customizations.

Apart from coming up with innovative products on dental care and teeth whitening, Cinoll also upholds every product’s high-quality standards and safety. We are aware that our products come in contact with the human body and may be ingested; hence the safety highly depends on the reliability of the products’ raw materials. Cinoll manufactures all teeth whitening products under strict supervision and testing protocols to guarantee product safety and efficacy.

All our products are certified by the US FDA and ISO. As teeth whitening and oral care products can be subject to government regulations in some parts of the world, we make sure to have all certifications available for our clients upon request.

And while Cinoll ensures all products are safe for your customers, we will also continue to support you in your future expansion plans, providing manufacturing, inventory support and warehousing facilities.

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