What is PAP+? Why Is It So Popular in Teeth Whitening


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People use toothpaste and other teeth whitening to have a whiter and brighter smile.

However, only a few know what ingredients are responsible for teeth whitening. In most cases, they would think it’s fluoride, but with the new whitening technologies today, teeth whitening manufacturers use some of the latest innovations in the industry.pap+ teeth whitening ingredients supplier

PAP means phthalimido-Peroxy-Caproic acid, a non-invasive teeth whitening innovation bringing minor damage to the enamel. Because of its whitening capabilities and lack of side effects, it continues to gain more attention from teeth whitening manufacturers, distributors, and customers.

PAP+ ingredients

Before it became an essential ingredient for teeth whitening, products containing PAP had been in households for years. Additionally, they are also valuable for hunting and agriculture. They are a bleaching activator for detergents, spot removers, textiles, soaps, and more.

Through the years, PAP transformed to PAP+ with the addition of potassium citrate and hydroxyapatite. Adding these two components allows PAP+ to perform a more efficient teeth whitening process.

How does it work in teeth whitening

In most cases, teeth whitening products with PAP+ as its main ingredient whitens the teeth in as fast as ten minutes. Unlike other whitening ingredients, PAP+ whitens teeth while protecting the gums and enamel, promoting healthier teeth.

The formula oxidizes tooth stains without releasing any harmful elements like free radicals. These free radicals tend to damage the enamel and trigger tooth sensitivity. Additionally, the outer layer of the teeth continues to be intact and protects the nerves while the whitening process continues.teeth whitening gel manufactured for dentists (1)

PAP+ might be the safest and most ideal ingredient your customers must consider when buying teeth whitening products. Some teeth whitening ingredients besides PAP+ cause enamel damage and tooth sensitivity.

If you want to introduce PAP+ to your market, ensure you get a manufacturer who can produce teeth whitening products with PAP+ as the main ingredient.

PAP vs. PAP+

One of the more evident differences between PAP and PAP+ is their whitening process.

In most cases, teeth whitening products with PAP need at least six days before users can see results on their teeth. Meanwhile, for PAP+, it only takes about ten minutes to have evidence of results. Secondary ingredients were added to PAP+, enhancing the main ingredients’ effects.

Teeth whitening products that use PAP+

Like how PAP was used in various household products, PAP+ today is also a versatile ingredient that can be suitable for several teeth whitening products.

  • Teeth whitening gel. As you already know, teeth whitening gels are one of the more popular teeth whitening products today. In some cases, you can find gels with hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide as teeth whitening ingredients. However, You can opt to select PAP+ for your whitening gels. PAP+ promotes faster teething whitening processes. It only takes minutes to whiten the teeth; hence gels with PAP+ can be ideal, especially before important events and occasions.teeth whitening pap+ gels
  • Mouthwash. In most cases, a mouthwash’s purpose is to freshen breath. But today, users can have fresh breath and white teeth in one product. PAP+ also can be the main ingredient in mouthwash products. Like how it works in gels, users will notice much whiter teeth after gargling the mouthwash for some minutes. There are also distinct concentration levels of PAP+ in the mouthwash so ensure you specify that with the manufacturer. The concentration will affect the whitening process.
  • Toothpaste. A toothpaste includes about ten ingredients, including a whitening formula. Those with PAP+ ingredients will be more effective in maintaining the health of enamel and whitening the teeth. Unlike other gels, a toothpaste with PAP+ has a relatively lower concentration. This means that users will still get better results, but it will be in a gradual manner.
  • Teeth whitening kit. The same with other teeth whiteners, a teeth whitening kit also includes a bleaching activator applied to the teeth in different forms. In most cases, manufacturers use PAP+ in gels to be convenient for users. However, you can make specifications with how you want your kit to be.

Final Thoughts

Since the PAP+ formula involves different concentrations depending on the teeth whitener, it would be ideal for sellers and distributors to select manufacturers who offer customizations on ingredients. Cinoll offers one of the most comprehensive customization options for its clients. Suppose your customers have preferences on flavors with teeth whiteners; we can work with you in realizing your vision. Additionally, you can select the ingredients for your toothpaste and will ensure to combine all of them according to specific standards.

Also, we provide much attention to how much whitening activator is needed in every whitening product. As you may know, there are teeth whitening products designed for dentists and professionals with higher PAP+ concentrations. Above all, we ensure to adhere to strict FDA and ISO standards for the safety of the end-users.

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