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The teeth whitening industry is constantly evolving as experts are always trying to develop better formulas and products to make the process of teeth whitening faster, easier and more effective. Recently, Hismile has announced the addition of a new PAP+ teeth whitening kit to their line that uses a new improved formula for a brighter smile. Congrats to Hismile!

This new formula has gone through thorough clinical tests. It is not only very effective and completely safe to use but it actually also helps improve dental health.

The three main ingredients of this new product are phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, nanohydroxyapatite and potassium citrate. Word has spread quickly about the efficacy of the PAP+ formulation. Most manufacturers of teeth whitening products are now bent on learning as much as they can about it so that they can create their own PAP+ products

As one of the leading global manufacturers of teeth whitening products, our own R&D team is already in the process of learning about the PAP+ formula and how to apply it to various whitening products in order to improve the efficacy.

What Is the Difference between PAP and PAP+

Some time ago, Hismile had launched their revolutionary teeth whitening formula that they called PAP. This formula was made up of three key components: phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, nanohydroxyapatite and potassium citrate, which are also the main ingredients of the PAP+ products.

The original PAP formula had been an instant hit in the teeth whitening industry because it is a much more effective and much safer alternative to traditional peroxide products. It also replaces the minerals that are inadvertently lost from the surface of the teeth, hence restoring the health and protection of the teeth. Finally, the potassium citrate is very effective in providing relief for sensitive teeth. With these amazing benefits of the PAP formula, it would be hard to imagine that it can even be improved. However, Hismile did just that when they came out with the PAP+ formula.

The PAP+ formula works even better and faster than its predecessor. The original product requires 6 days of use before the user can see evident results on the teeth. With the PAP+ however, the teeth are noticeably whiter immediately after just a single treatment that takes only 10 minutes. These improvements are due to the added secondary ingredients that boosted the effects of the three primary ingredients.

What Products Can Apply PAP+

PAP+ is a versatile formula that is suitable for a number of teeth whitening products. This is actually one of the main reasons why it is so much in demand among oral product distributors and B2B brands.

Teeth Whitening Kit

All teeth whitening kits come with some kind of bleaching agent that is applied to the teeth in various forms. The PAP+ formula can boost the whitening capability of whatever bleaching agent comes with the kit. Oftentimes, manufacturers use a gel because it is very convenient for the user. Thus, applying the PAP+ formula on these bleaching agents will dramatically increase the efficacy of the teeth whitening kit.

teeth whitening PAP kit

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Teeth Whitening Gel

Teeth whitening gel that makes use of the PAP+ formula is capable of delivering excellent results in just 10 minutes. It will only require a single application of the gel and the user will see that their teeth are whiter right after the short session.

Teeth whitening gels with PAP+ are ideal for use shortly before very important events. A business interview, a portrait shoot, or a hot date and other occasions where white teeth and a bright smile are necessary would be great opportunities to use these kinds of gels. These gels are also useful for maintaining white teeth. For this purpose, using them once every two or three months should suffice.

PAP+ teeth whitening gel pen

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PAP+ also works wonderfully on toothpaste because it is convenient for the user. Since they are going to brush their teeth anyway, there is no need for any extra procedures specifically for whitening teeth. Simply use PAP+ toothpaste and the teeth will become whiter immediately.

Since toothpaste is for daily use, the PAP+ formulation in these products is usually not as concentrated as those that are in gels that are meant only for occasional or one-time use. In other words, you will definitely get whitening results from PAP+ toothpastes but the changes will be gradual and not as drastic as when using gel.

PAP toothpaste

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This is just like a regular mouthwash except that it also has teeth whitening properties. That is, a PAP+ mouthwash can still disinfect the teeth and give fresh breath just like a regular mouthwash. After gargling though, you will notice that your teeth will be somewhat whiter. The concentration of the PAP+ formulation can vary from low to very high. The ones with higher concentration can give instant results. On the other hand, low-concentration mouthwash will result in gradual changes. Regular use will bring more apparent results.

Cinoll latest white PAP+ OEM mouthwash

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The whitening process due to the PAP+ formula is completely safe, unlike other teeth whitening methods. With the PAP+, there are no harmful free radicals released during the removal of the stains on the teeth. The active ingredient oxidizes the stains and leaves the teeth whiter without causing damage to the enamel

The PAP+ formula is currently the talk of the town in the teeth whitening industry. We expect it to rise even more in popularity as new improvements are made to the formula. A lot of manufacturers and distributors are just on the lookout for the latest news of developments to the formula so that they can integrate it into their oral care products.

The R&D experts of Cinoll Manufacturing have made our own modifications to improve the PAP formula. We strongly suggest that you follow our blog if you want to be among the first to hear about the latest PAP+ updates, both in the Cinoll R&D lab and elsewhere.

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