Where are Oral B Toothbrushes Made and How?

There are a wide range of toothbrushes available on the market. The market has a manual toothbrush for every taste under the sun. However, an electric toothbrush in your customers’ hands can make brushing their teeth fun and quick.

One of the manufacturers that has emerged as a popular one in recent times is the Oral B toothbrush manufacturer. Electric toothbrushes have also become popular among those who feel that these types of toothbrushes clean teeth in the best way possible.where are oral b toothbrush made

For this reason, an electric toothbrush has become a crucial part of their daily hygiene. Over time, this tool has become more accessible to many, and all businesses in oral care can benefit from having their shelves packed with different brands.

Oral B electric toothbrushes are one of the types in a highly competitive market. These are high-quality electric toothbrushes, and it would be interesting to find the answer to the question: where are Oral B toothbrushes made?

First, we need to find out how you can benefit from selling a product that is worthwhile.

What makes a good electric toothbrush

In order for you to benefit from good sales, you need a good product. One of the best products for good oral health care is an excellent electric toothbrush, such as the one from Oral B. It is important to know what to look for when getting your store shelves stocked with toothbrushes. Some of these elements are:

  • The best options are those that are FDA and CE-approved. This way, you know that the toothbrushes pass the strict health standards that they require.
  • The packaging is just as important and should stand out. With an Oral B toothbrush, this is not a problem. It will be clearly marked and displayed as an electric toothbrush.
  • Most electric toothbrushes come with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500, and an Oral B electric toothbrush is no different. This makes it easy to replenish stock at any time.

Before we ask the question, “Where are Oral B toothbrushes made?,” we can have a look at how an electric toothbrush is made.

How is an oral b electric toothbrush made?rotate electric toothbrush manufacturing

It is especially important to those businesses that are just deciding to order some electric toothbrushes. It will be of service if you know how one of these toothbrushes is manufactured. The manufacturers consider several factors when creating their products. They would look at:

  • The fact that it should be waterproof
  • It should not break easily and
  • Should be pet-friendly and child-friendly. Compacting all the components together helps ensure that there are no small and loose pieces that could become a choking hazard.
  • The motor should be quiet and have a long life
  • Furthermore, it is vital that it has a USB port for recharging purposes

These factors are important to consider for both brands and businesses when deciding to purchase electric toothbrushes. It is safe to say that Oral B checks every box.

Some important components in the actual manufacturing of these toothbrushes are as follows:

  • As said above, an electric toothbrush has a motor. It is the most important component, as it is what runs the toothbrush. If the motor doesn’t work, the toothbrush becomes worthless.

The motor of all Oral B oscillates clockwise and counterclockwise to turn the round head of the toothbrush at speeds of up to 10,800 revolutions per second. This is what cleans teeth.

  • It is fitted with a gearing system and a rechargeable battery.
  • These components are then inserted into the hollow of the brush handle shell.
  • Once this is completed, it is sealed with a plastic top or cap. The latter serves as the brush handle. As also mentioned, the brush has to be waterproof, and that is what the shell does. It seals the components inside.

Knowing how an electric toothbrush is made is important for the choices businesses will make to purchase them. Obtaining the Oral-B brand, among other brands, will provide consumers with many more options and choices.

Where are oral b toothbrushes made?

Businesses often need to know where a product is made for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

  • Proper labeling is important. The labeling will inform the client of the origin of the product, which in this case is the Oral B electric toothbrush.

The labeling will also give clear information about where each component was manufactured. The clearest example is in the question, “Where is Oral-B made?”how electric toothbrushes made

The Oral-B products that are made in Germany are their PRO, Professional Care, and Triumph rechargeable electric toothbrushes. You will find that China manufactures the travel case and the iO charger, as the label will indicate.

  • Any company needs to know where a product is manufactured. This is to ensure that they know that manufacturers follow the strict regulations of their particular country. This is to safeguard their consumers from any dangerous, substandard, poisonous, or fake products. As mentioned before, electric toothbrushes need to be FDA or CE approved for consumer use.

The manufacturing places

Here are some examples of how Oral B distributes the manufacturing of its electric toothbrushes. However, Germany is a major Oral B toothbrush manufacturer, especially of the electric toothbrush handles, brush heads, and some of its chargers.how electric toothbrushes are made in China

  • As already mentioned, Germany makes the actual PRO, Professional Care, and Triumph rechargeable electric toothbrushes.
  • Germany produces the Oral-B iO Series handle and the travel case, and the iO charger is made in China.

When a client places an order, the packaging or catalog will clearly show where the electric toothbrush is manufactured. It will show clearly if it was only packaged in China, for example.

About Cinoll Co., Ltd

Cinoll is heavily involved in the manufacturing of electric toothbrushes. We have a variety of products that clearly state on the packaging that they were manufactured by us. We provide businesses with a choice of electric toothbrushes that are FDA and CE-approved.

Our manufacturing plant allows us to provide our customers with customization. We can have an electric toothbrush designed, developed, manufactured, and assembled to your specifications. Besides being FDA and CE-approved, it is also an ISO-certified plant.

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