Why Choose EVA Materials to Your Teeth Whitening Trays


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transparent eva teeth whitening trays chinaThe frequency of using EVA in our lives is very high. Most of the teeth whitening trays you found on the market are made of EVA.

It is a common material, and many daily necessities are made of this material, such as decorative strips, slippers, handbags, etc., will be used.

The chemical name is Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, which is a synthetic material.

The Common Usage of EVA

EVA can be used as some household items and daily necessities, including pipes in household refrigerators, household gas pipes, and some building boards, as well as containers for some substances. It can be used as packaging for some supplies, it can be some films, it can also be some gaskets, and it can also be used for medical equipment. EVA material can also be used as an adhesive for hot melt adhesives, and it can also be used as an insulation layer for cables. . It can be used for book binding, and it can also form the structural components of the digital product housing and so on.

The Benefits of EVA

Teeth whitening trays suppliesEVA has strong chemical resistance. In addition, EVA also has strong elasticity. Therefore, EVA material can be used to make various footwear products. It can make us feel more in the process of using EVA products. The comfort, the service life will be increased as a result.

Moreover, EVA material has strong flexibility and environmental protection performance, so it will also be used on dental or medical equipment, such as thermoplastic teeth whitening trays and some products will also use it in the shell structure parts. Therefore, EVA material has gradually become a common material in home life.

Because EVA products have strong flexibility, they are used in the production of waterproof strips. It is waterproof, mildew and corrosion resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, and does not have any irritating odor. Therefore, the use of EVA products will not pollute the indoor air, and will not cause harm to the body of the user.

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