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At Cinoll, we pride ourselves on being a reliable, a high-quality teeth whitening pods manufacturer. With our dedicated research, we are constantly working on improving the way that we whiten teeth. With the PAP+ formula, our clients can now provide teeth whitening pods to their customers to achieve whiter teeth faster than ever before.

Working with industry professionals has allowed Cinoll to make major improvements in our whitening formula through adapting the processes of formula manufacture and in including additional secondary ingredients. This formula redesign has meant that the effects of our core ingredients have  been further enhanced. One of the first brands to use this formula is Hismile.

Cinoll’s teeth whitening formula can now provide excellent and optimal results after just one treatment. With previous formulae, it took six days of treatment to have the same results. Just one of our PAP+ teeth whitening pods can achieve a pearly white smile in just 10 minutes. Cinoll certainly takes its role as a teeth whitening pods manufacturer very seriously.

How PAP+ formula is applied to your teeth whitening pods

Cinoll teeth whitening gel pods supplierThe PAP+ formula gets its name after our key ingredient: Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid. Cinoll has been perfecting our optimal formula for years to maximize PAP’s benefits. The added plus sign after PAP means that we are now using an updated PAP formula. This updated formula results in whiter teeth for the user. As a teeth whitening pods manufacturer, we are always looking to improve our formulations and products. PAP+ is evidence of this. PAP+ products mean an enhanced whitening to the user’s teeth in comparison with previous PAP formulations.

PAP+ is revolutionary in that it does not contain peroxide. Peroxide gets rid of stains easily, but it also breaks down other things that it comes into contact with due to its free radicals. Yes, it whitens teeth, but it could cause irreversible damage to teeth in the process. It also causes sensitivity and pain, mainly on a short-term basis, but it is not a pleasant experience. In comparison, PAP delivers the results that people want without the side effects of tooth sensitivity and pain.

PAP is still an oxidant in the same way that peroxide is. However, its power is directed at stains on teeth rather than the whole tooth. The PAP molecules break down through a process called epoxidation, which does not affect the gums or tooth enamel. It is no wonder that people prefer using PAP as opposed to products containing peroxide.

The research team worked tirelessly in improving the formula to boost the main ingredient’s effects. As well as the PAP ingredient, two other important ingredients are potassium citrate and nanohydroxyapatite.

The reviews from those who have tried PAP teeth whitening products are extremely positive. The new technology means that there is a natural-looking whiteness produced rather than a glaring white color that oftentimes looks too artificial. The usual effect is one that is two to three shades whiter than the user’s original shade before carrying out the treatment. The PAP products can also come with shade cards so that users can see the progress of their teeth whitening as it happens.

Cinoll does not stop with simply manufacturing great teeth whitening pods using PAP+. Our lab creates custom teeth whitening pods with our PAP+ formula. This means that no matter your brand or business, you can customize your teeth whitening pods with specific flavors or other specifications.

How to customize your PAP+ teeth whitening pods

At Cinoll, we are simply a teeth whitening pods manufacturer. We do not put our branding on your packaging or products – that’s all for you! There are many ways in which you can customize your products to suit your personal brand and product. We want your products to stand out from the crowd and be unique to you. We provide high-quality products, but we also provide support and services to help you to define your brand and promote it well. Why not take a look at some of our customization options?

  • Customized packaging boxes
  • Private logo printing
  • Customized stickers
  • Customized display bags
  • Customized product colors
  • Customized embossing.
hismile teeth whitening pods
Source: Hismile teeth whitening pods

Many of these customizable options are available for samples. For instance, you could send us your logo and we can create a mock-up of your product packaging or samples of what your product would be like. Indeed, we even offer free samples!

For teeth whitening pods specifically, there are certain parts that you can customize. We offer customization to the formula itself (CP/HP/PAP/PAP+), color customization of the teeth whitening pods, logo customization, and customization of the packaging too.

Ideally, Cinoll would recommend that you customize your teeth whitening pods at the same time as your teeth whitening kits, making a new set. The teeth whitening gels that are inside the pods can be your brand’s customized version. Choosing a packaging design is never easy. Attracting potential new customers often happens with developing the latest in packaging design styles. We have a range of pre-designed packaging made by us to help you on your way. Some brands prefer to have quicker lead times on their orders. If this is you, we have default packaging in a white design which you can then customize with your private label very quickly. For specifics, you can contact Cinoll here.


Here at Cinoll, we only want the best for our clients. As a qualified manufacturer of PAP+ teeth whitening pods, we can assure our clients that they will only receive the best possible quality when it comes to our products. We take every possible step to ensure our products are safe, simple, and effective to use. We work with our clients to help them in every possible way to achieving the product that they have dreamed of. From customized designs, colors, and logos to the formula inside, nothing is too much trouble for Cinoll. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for your teeth whitening pod business.

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