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To get started with your own oral care line, choose Cinoll as your private label floss manufacturer. We work with budding entrepreneurs who are just getting started in the private label floss sector as well as established businesses looking to high-quality manufacturing.

  • FDA & CE registrations
  • Low MOQ to get your private label floss
  • Customized packaging from inside out
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Cinoll dental floss manufacturer

Cover All Types of Floss in Production

Over time, Cinoll has grown to full-scale contract manufacturer to dental tape, floss pickers, and dental floss. We fill a range of formulas for an assortment of reputable brands in the oral care industry.

dental floss picks supplier
Floss Picks Wholesale

Custom flavored floss picks combine the smooth texture and the ease of a pick help remove plaque and food particles.

dental floss suppliers in China
Dental Floss Bulk

Thin dental floss with customized packaging and container remove food particles and plaque from between teeth.

dental tape suppliers in China
Dental Tape Wholesale

With flat surface that allows it to pass in between teeth more easily and hence cleans this part thoroughly.

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Private Label Floss Picks

Floss picks are customized to the ideal floss such as PE, PTFE, Polyester, Double Strings and so on. The packaging are also customized to your requirements.

Bamboo floss picks


Cinoll kids floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Cinoll floss picks manufacturer


Various Types of Floss

Different types of floss have different characteristics. With Cinoll’s expert, you can pick up your most suitable floss materials to target your market.

We’re Qualified Floss Factory with Solutions

If you’re an existing brand or looking to develop a new line of floss or are in need of a new contract manufacturer, look no further than Cinoll to help you with your contract manufacturing, customized packaging, and shipping needs.

floss logo customization
Custom Logo Printing

Custom your brand logo printing on container with different colors and sizes. Send us your logo to get quick demo.

logo printing dental floss
Private Label Logo

Print your logo label and stick on the container to get instant branding! Custom your pattern and logo design.

blister pack dental floss
Custom Blister Packaging

Perfect for dental floss picks in low volume. The back card maximizes your branding information.

dental floss manufacturer in bags
Custom Pouch Bags

Get your floss a pouch bags with logo printing on it to balance your branding and lead time. Right for floss wholesalers.

printing bags dental floss
Luxury Printing Pouches

Need an overall printing on the pouch as well as the container for a complete packaging? We’ve got you covered.

eco friendly dental floss glass packaging supplier
Eco Friendly Glass Packaging

Crystal clear glass packaging with customized silk printing and paper boxes for a strong call for sustainability.

We Manufacture Corn Starch Dental Floss for Better Earth

Corn starch tooth floss is manufactured from corn-derived PLA (polylactic acid) rather than nylon or other synthetic materials. It is a more natural and environmentally friendly option to conventional dental floss.

  • Biodegradable: Corn starch dental floss is biodegradable, which means it will degrade naturally in the ecosystem and will not add to plastic waste.
  • Natural: Corn starch dental floss is manufactured from natural components and contains no dangerous chemicals or synthetic materials that can irritate the gums or cause other health issues.
  • Hypoallergenic: Corn starch dental floss is hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely than other kinds of dental floss to cause an allergic response or irritation.
  • Effective: Corn starch dental floss removes plaque and food fragments from between teeth and lips just as well as conventional dental floss.
  • Sustainable: Corn starch dental floss is produced from renewable resources, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than conventional tooth floss.
corn starch dental floss

Types of Dental Floss with Quick Manufacturing

As dental floss as a daily basic teeth cleaning products, it can seem everywhere, but there’s a lot of difference in the materials and therefore different in manufacturing. Understanding the difference helps you make wiser decision to update your product line.

Waxed Floss

Waxed dental floss contains a thin layer of wax on its surface, which makes it a little thicker than unwaxed floss, but easier to glide between the teeth. Waxed floss is more likely to be flavored than unwaxed floss.

Unwaxed Floss

Unwaxed floss is thin nylon floss made of about 35 strands twisted together. It fits into tight spaces if your teeth are close together, but it can be prone to shredding or breaking.

Dental Tape

Dental tape is broader and flatter than standard floss and comes in waxed or unwaxed versions. People with more space between their teeth often find dental tape more comfortable to use than standard floss.

Polytetrafluorethylene Floss (PTFE)

The most popular type of floss right now is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) floss, sometimes also called “silk floss.” This floss is thinner, softer, and a bit slicker, so it is easier to squeeze into tight spaces and it slides easily between teeth. Many prefer PTFE floss also because it’s a bit stronger than nylon.

Natural Floss

Eco-friendly floss is made of biodegradable silk thread spun and coated with natural beeswax or a plant-derived wax. Silk breaks and snags easily, so it works best for teeth with smooth edges.

Manufacture Quality Dental Floss Loved by Customers for Your Brands

Contact Cinoll team to discuss your dental floss or dental tape projects. We aim for high-quality dental floss that represents your brand’s value.

Committed to Excellent Floss

Certified Dental Floss Manufacturer with Experience

With flexible manufacturing, Cinoll’s automatic production lines in China can help with low volume order and quick customization. Whether you’re order bulk dental floss, or need large volume production, Cinoll’s factory with GMP certificate can help with that.

CE/FDA/CPSR/ISO/GMPC, with all these certifications, Cinoll has become OEM/ODM manufacturer of many floss brands. Choose factory with these qualifications to maximize your quality for a great sale.

Well, that’s the easy part. At Cinoll, you won’t need to worry about the demo design as Cinoll design team prepares the demo with your logo on it. Such convenience happens in materials selection and packaging selection. A complete catalog will be sent for your instant selection to speed up your process. After demo and sampling, mass production will be done by Cinoll’s manufacturing team.

Of course. If you need white label floss for local printing or packaging, we’re willing to send you products in white label. Contact Cinoll for more information.

Cinoll Insights:
📒 Everything You Need to Know about Dental Floss

Why Dental Floss is Important for Oral Health

Maintaining excellent oral health is of utmost importance, and one of the most fundamental practices that must be followed to ensure good oral hygiene is regular flossing. Despite its importance, a considerable number of individuals tend to neglect flossing either out of idleness or ignorance. Nevertheless, flossing is immensely beneficial and should never be undermined.

Flossing Extracts Plaque and Tartar

Plaque and tartar are two of the most prevalent dental problems that people encounter. Plaque is an adhesive film that develops on teeth, while tartar is a hardened deposit that can accumulate on teeth and gums. Both substances comprise bacteria and can result in several dental issues, including gum disease and tooth decay.dental floss supplier in China

Flossing serves the purpose of removing plaque and tartar from the areas between the teeth and along the gum line, where a toothbrush is unable to reach. By eliminating these detrimental substances, flossing plays a crucial role in preventing gum disease and tooth decay, both of which can culminate in tooth loss.

Flossing Prevents Foul Breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is a prevalent problem that can be attributed to several factors, including poor dental hygiene. When food particles and bacteria are allowed to remain in the mouth, they can give rise to an unpleasant odor.

Flossing helps to eradicate food particles and bacteria from between teeth, where they are likely to cause bad breath. Regular flossing can prevent bad breath and ensure that the mouth smells fresh.

Flossing Encourages Healthy Gums

Gum disease is a common problem that can range from mild inflammation to severe forms of periodontitis. The initial stages of gum disease are often painless, making it easy to overlook. However, if left untreated, gum disease can culminate in tooth loss and other severe health complications.

Flossing plays a vital role in eliminating plaque and bacteria from along the gumline, where gum disease often starts. By keeping the gums healthy, one can avoid the onset of gum disease and maintain a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile.

Flossing Saves Money

Maintaining good oral hygiene can be expensive, especially when the teeth and gums are neglected. Regular dental checkups, fillings, and other dental procedures can become prohibitively expensive.

Regular flossing can prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar, which can lead to costly dental procedures. By dedicating a few minutes each day to flossing, individuals can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in dental expenses over time.

Flossing Improves General Health

Maintaining excellent oral health is not just vital for the teeth and gums but for overall health as well. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to several health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections.

Regular flossing helps to prevent these health complications and promote overall health. Flossing eradicates harmful bacteria from the mouth, leading to a healthier body.

The Manufacturing Process of Dental Floss

As a preeminent producer of dental floss, we take immense satisfaction in our production process. We are of the opinion that the eminence of our floss is an embodiment of our unyielding allegiance to excellence, which is why we have invested extensively in our manufacturing abilities.

In this discourse, we will elucidate the sequential methodology of how dental floss is created, starting from the rudimentary raw materials to the ultimate product.

Raw Materials

The inaugural phase in the manufacturing procedure is procuring the raw materials. Our dental floss is composed of a confluence of synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester. These fibers are cautiously selected for their potent durability, robustness, and resistance to attrition.

The fibers are then interwoven to fabricate a solitary strand of floss. The strand is then overlaid with wax to render it more manageable and lubricate it to move smoothly between the teeth.dental pick for teeth


Once the raw materials have been procured and primed, the production process can commence. The primary step is to move the floss strand through a sequence of apparatuses that will sanitize it and apply the wax coating.

Then, the floss is twisted onto reels, ready for distribution. We employ cutting-edge machinery to ensure that the floss is evenly and tightly wound, precluding tangling or breakages.

Quality Control

At every juncture of the manufacturing process, we execute exacting quality control inspections to ensure that our floss complies with the utmost benchmarks of quality and performance. This encompasses evaluating the durability and resistance of the floss, as well as its efficiency in eliminating plaque and debris from the teeth.


Once the floss has been created and quality checked, it is time to prepare it for distribution. We utilize eco-friendly packaging components to reduce our ecological footprint, while still preserving the floss during transport.

Our packaging is intended to be user-friendly, with lucid instructions on how to use the floss efficaciously. We also proffer a spectrum of diverse packaging alternatives to cater to the requirements and preferences of our patrons.

Types of Dental Floss and Their Uses

Maintaining oral hygiene is a crucial aspect of healthy teeth and gums, and flossing plays a vital role in this process. Flossing aids in the removal of food particles and plaque that brushing alone cannot reach, thereby ensuring healthy oral hygiene. Nevertheless, with an array of dental floss types available in the market, selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Thus, this write-up delves into different dental floss types and their applications, enlightening you on the flossing choice that suits your needs.

Nylon Floss

Nylon Floss, the most common type of dental floss in the market, comprises nylon fibers twisted to form a durable string. The nylon floss has both waxed and unwaxed variants, and the waxed type boasts a thin layer of wax that facilitates its slide between teeth and precludes shredding.

Monofilament Floss

Monofilament Floss is composed of a single nylon or plastic strand, resistant to shredding, and smoothly glides between teeth. It is also available in waxed and unwaxed types.

Multifilament Floss, otherwise known as dental tape, is made up of multiple nylon or silk strands that are twisted together, rendering it wider and flatter than conventional floss. It is best suited for individuals with wider gaps between their teeth.comfortable dental floss manufacturing

Super Floss

Super Floss is a multifilament floss category tailored to cleaning around dental appliances, including braces and bridges. It features a rigid end that can be threaded through tight spaces, and a spongy midsection for cleaning around brackets and wires.

Floss Picks

Floss Picks are small plastic gadgets that stretch a small piece of floss tightly between two prongs, easy to use and suitable for people with limited dexterity or cleaning hard-to-reach areas in the mouth’s rear.

Water Flossers

Water Flossers, also referred to as oral irrigators, employ a stream of water to remove plaque and food particles between teeth and the gum line. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with dental appliances such as braces, implants, and those with sensitive gums who find traditional flossing uncomfortable.

The History of Dental Floss

Dental floss has now become a vital implement in sustaining oral cleanliness. It is utilized to cleanse those intricate, inaccessible zones amid the teeth, where brushing alone cannot effectively eliminate plaque and food particles. Have you ever pondered on the origin of dental floss? This article will provide you with a profound, all-encompassing narrative of the history of dental floss and its metamorphosis over time.

The Origin of Dental Floss

The perception of dental floss dates back to ancient eras, where individuals used materials like horsehair, silk, and even feathers to cleanse amid their teeth. Nevertheless, it was not until the early 19th century when Dr. Levi Spear Parmly, a dentist situated in New Orleans, introduced the notion of utilizing waxed silk thread as dental floss. Dr. Parmly was convinced that habitual flossing could preclude tooth decay and gum disease, and he encouraged his patients to incorporate it into their daily oral hygiene routine.dental floss factory in China

The Evolution of Dental Floss

After Dr. Parmly’s innovation, other dentists commenced experimenting with different materials for dental floss. In the early 1900s, Johnson & Johnson, a well-known healthcare company, launched the first commercial dental floss, which was made of silk. Later, in the 1940s, nylon was introduced as a more durable and affordable alternative to silk floss.

In the 1960s, Dr. Charles C. Bass, a periodontist, devised a new type of dental floss called “waxed dental tape.” Unlike traditional floss, dental tape was broader and flatter, rendering it more convenient to use and more effective in eliminating plaque. The wax coating also made it smoother to slide between teeth without hurting the gums.

In the 1970s, the first electric water flosser was introduced. This contrivance employs a stream of water to eliminate plaque and debris from amid the teeth, thus becoming a popular substitute for conventional floss. In recent years, numerous new kinds of floss have been introduced, including flavored floss, floss with built-in fluoride, and even disposable floss picks.

The Benefits of Flossing

Habitual flossing can provide abundant benefits to your oral health. It helps to eliminate plaque and food particles that can get lodged between teeth and cause tooth decay and gum disease. It also aids in reducing bad breath by eradicating odor-causing bacteria from the mouth.

Research has shown that individuals who floss regularly are less prone to developing gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and other severe health complications. Flossing can also aid in reducing inflammation in the gums and prevent the accumulation of tartar, which can only be removed through professional dental cleaning.

The Impact of Dental Floss on the Environment

Dental floss, a small yet mighty tool utilized for maintaining dental hygiene, may not be as harmless as it appears at first glance. Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the impact of dental floss on the environment is considerably adverse.

Most dental floss available on the market is composed of synthetic materials such as nylon or Teflon, which do not possess the capability of biodegradation. As a result, when dental floss is discarded, it leaves behind a negative impact on the environment that could take several hundred years to decompose, thereby imprinting an unfavorable mark on the environment.

Furthermore, dental floss can be detrimental to the well-being of wildlife. Discarded dental floss may be mistaken as food by animals, which may lead to dire consequences such as severe harm or even fatality.Manufacturing dental floss

Moreover, the manufacturing process of dental floss results in carbon emissions and pollution. The manufacturing procedure employs various chemicals and fossil fuels, which, in turn, have an undesirable impact on the environment.

However, there is an alternative that can reduce the environmental damage caused by dental floss. By switching to environmentally friendly dental floss options, one can significantly decrease the environmental impact.

Eco-friendly dental floss is manufactured using biodegradable materials, such as bamboo, cornstarch, or silk, which ensures that it will naturally decompose in the environment. Additionally, eco-friendly dental floss is packaged in biodegradable materials, which reduces its impact on the environment.

Examples of eco-friendly dental floss include silk floss, which is biodegradable and compostable, bamboo floss, which is made from sustainable materials and packaged in biodegradable containers, charcoal floss, made from bamboo charcoal, and cornstarch floss, manufactured from cornstarch, and is biodegradable and compostable.

Transitioning to eco-friendly dental floss is a minor step that can significantly decrease our environmental footprint. By making informed decisions about the products we utilize, we can aid in safeguarding our planet and create a healthier, sustainable future.

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