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When choosing teeth whitening treatments for your patients, convenience, sensitivity management and chair time need to be considered to find the best solution. As a manufacturer, Cinoll is continually working to develop new formula in aesthetics and restorative dentistry all with the goal of helping you offer unbeatable patient experiences.

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With our own factory, we can provide a competitive pricing quote to suit your budget, and our price will allow you to resell online at a competitive price.

You can request multiple quotes from us to determine what’s the best quantity for you that will be competitive in the market. Be sure to also ask us about minimum order quantities which have been proved to match most brands.

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10 Years in Teeth Whitening Industry

10 Years in Teeth Whitening Industry

Our experience spans oral industries and challenges, especially in teeth whitening niche, which gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every client.

We help you develop the latest formula, discover product packaging you may never have imagined and achieve, and supply your products as fast as no others. All these advantages, come from our experience.

High Quality & Samples Before Bulk

We are confident about our product quality because of the Quality Assurance System backed by technical capabilities and production capacity.

We have established an ISO9001 based Quality Assurance System and we manage the entire process from procurement to production. Especially in the inspection stage, we aim to achieve zero defects using the latest measurement devices and test equipment.

To your double-check with our quality, samples are always free before bulk orders. Take a closer to look to see high-quality without any risk.

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