Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer

Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer

Classic Sleek Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Customized body, customized packaging

Beauty, brains and power. This type of electric toothbrush is a world-class modern electric toothbrush packed with the most up-to-date technology. It features an ultra-powerful and industry-leading motor producing 45,000 vibrations per minute, lithium-ion battery, ultra-fast wireless charging, 5 mode operation, smart vibration timers, 40% higher brush bristles density; all with a sleek ultra-slim, lightweight and IPX7 rated waterproof design.

Customization & Specs

The electric toothbrushes can be private labeled or customized to your requirements at the following options.

  • Materials — PC, food-grade ABS
  • Brush colors — customized to your design
  • Bristle — DuPont engineered brush
  • Handle printing — any graphics
  • Size — 440*420*250mm
  • Weight of one set — 340g
  • Quantity of one carton — 40 sets
  • Carton weight — 13.5kg
  • MOQ — 1000 with customized boxes
  • Samples — available

We’re Electric Toothbrush Manufacturing Factory

Certified with FDA, CE, RoHS, IPX7 – We put our effort to what you care most. Investing in premium oral care technologies has earned the satisfaction of most our clients. Our toothbrush has shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis. Cinoll goes beyond just cleaning teeth – it provides complete oral care with unique modes that include one for whitening and polishing teeth and one for improving gum health.

More Benefits to Your Orders

  1. IPX7 certification – our wireless charging base and handle are safe to be used under 1-meter water.
  2. Long battery life – 90 days usage with 1 charging
  3. Lower sound level – the sound is under 55db
  4. Quick private label – print your logo and accessories quick and easy
  5. Quality control – every patch of toothbrushes are under quality check
  6. Shipping – we follow the shipping process until you get them

    Get in Touch

    Electric Toothbrush Manufacturing Professional

    Have you been looking for an electric toothbrush manufacturer to produce classic sleek Sonic electric toothbrushes for your brand? Do you know that you can customize the toothbrushes you sell to reflect your brand image and features? Well, if you did not know about this before, now you do. With the expertise of a custom toothbrush manufacturer, you can create your own design that your customers will positively respond to.

    There are different ways to customize your electric toothbrush. Let us review some of the ways a proven manufacturer can do that for you.

    Customization Options

    One major way to customize your electric toothbrush is to use customized formulation methods. Here are some ways an electric toothbrush manufacturer can do that for you.

    Custom Head

    You can customize your toothbrush to suit your design vision by shaping the head, length and curve. You can also ask the manufacturer to design the bristles to a certain degree of hardness. Other custom features are color and curve customization.

    Color Customization

    One way to add value to your product is to use the right colors. You may choose to use a similar color to your logo or a variety of colors that your customers will find attractive. A proven manufacturer can brand sonic toothbrushes using colors that meet your requirements.

    Customized Modes

    Different brushing modes only work when the right brush is used. Expand your reach by offering your customers different modes. Rather than sell only one or two modes, you can produce modes suitable for different purposes such as for daily cleaning, tooth brightening, massage or even modes for sensitive teeth.

    Superior Features

    When you use the services of an electric toothbrush manufacturer like Cinoll, you can stay ahead of the competition by offering features far superior to what your rivals are offering. You can include a power motor, USB charging, waterproof feature and any other cost effective feature that your buyers will appreciate.

    Customized Tube Sizes

    You may choose to go for a single tube size or multiple sizes as you wish. Just make sure you do your market research to know what will work for your brand before going ahead to choose the sizes you want.

    Customized Packaging

    To crown it all up, you can order for Customized paper packages designed with your business name, logo and color. All these are ways to give your product a strong brand identity.

    electric toothbrushes design paper

    We’re a Factory instead of Traders

    Now that you know the customization options available, the next decision you will have to make is whether to use the service of a supplier or a manufacturer who operates a factory. One thing you should be aware of is that many businesses are supplied products by middle men suppliers who buy from other manufacturers. This option is more expensive and will cost you more per unit.

    However, when you contract a manufacturer to produce for you, quality is guaranteed. And moreover, you get to pay less per unit which will impact your profit margins positively. For a proven manufacturer like Cinoll, you get nothing but the best quality all round. This electric toothbrush manufacturer is a certified producer of quality toothbrushes. Cinoll is FDA and ISO certified so their products are always of industry standard.

    They also have a proven quality control process and every unit they produce is of the highest quality. In terms of hygiene, the toothbrushes they will produce for you are produced in a clean and hygienic environment.

    electric toothbrush factory designer

    Quality Control of Electric Toothbrush

    Cinoll is a manufacturer in China with an unblemished track record of producing the best dental and oral care products. Their quality control process is tested and trusted, which is why many have come to trust them. They produce their electric toothbrushes from start to finish in their factory under a controlled process.

    From the Visual inspection to the Aging inspection phase, Cinoll has a team of experts that ensure that every unit meets your expectations and industry standards. To provide visual proof to you about quality long before your consignment is shipped to you, Cinoll will send you a video of the production process as it is ongoing.

    electric toothbrush head quality control

    Contract Manufacturing Services

    If quality is of utmost importance to you and you want your business to scale massively, you need to rely on the best electric toothbrush manufacturer like Cinoll to handle the entire production process on your behalf. Today, Cinoll has become the go-to manufacturer for electric toothbrushes in China. Due to the quality of their products, many brands all over the world contract them and they never disappoint.

    With a large production factory with an average monthly output of 1 million pieces of electric toothbrushes per day, Cinoll can easily handle your orders and ensure that they get to you in record time. With this electric toothbrush manufacturer, there are no excuses, delays or inferior quality. Even better is the fact that you can have them customize your products to reflect your brand and expectations.

    contract manufacturing

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