UV Clean Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer

Mutifunctional Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Mutifunctional Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Mutifunctional Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer
Mutifunctional Sonic Electric Toothbrush Manufacturer

UV Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Customized body, customized packaging

Up to 31,000 sonic pulses per minute generate powerful cleaning action that removes plaque along the gumline and deep between teeth. The type has 3 brushing modes (Normal, Soft & Pulse) that offers varying oral care needs. 2 minutes auto-timer ensures dentist recommended brushing. 30 seconds interval time helps you brush each area of your mouth. Inductive charging, Extra long usage time, Ni-MH rechargeable battery inside. With UV Sanitizer the UV clean technology helps kill up to 99.9% of germs on the brush head, and keeps your toothbrush germ-free between brushings.

Customization & Specs

The electric toothbrushes can be private labeled or customized to your requirements at the following options.

  • Timing — 7 minutes sanitizing timer control
  • Brush colors — customized to your design
  • Bristle — DuPont engineered brush. Hygienic storage for 4 pcs of brush head
  • Handle printing — any graphics
  • Voltage — worldwide voltage (100~240V)
  • UV light — automatic UV light shut-off when opened during operation
  • Battery — 800mAh
  • Size — 120(L) x 60(W) x 236.5(H) mm
  • Samples — available
  • MOQ — 1000 with customized boxes

We’re Electric Toothbrush Manufacturing Factory

Cinoll’s OEM electric toothbrush is a complete home and travel system for 2 featuring a UV sanitizing base that kills 99.99% of leftover germs and bacteria that remain on the brush head after rinsing. Our prompt OEM services can help with any brand customization on pre-designed toothbrushes, or ODM services for your private molded toothbrushes.

More Benefits to Your Orders

  1. IPX7 certification – our wireless charging base and handle are safe to be used under 1-meter water.
  2. Long battery life – 90 days usage with 1 charging
  3. Lower sound level – the sound is under 55db
  4. Quick private label – print your logo and accessories quick and easy
  5. Quality control – every patch of toothbrushes are under quality check
  6. Shipping – we follow the shipping process until you get them

    Get in Touch

    Electric Toothbrush Manufacturing Professional

    Electric toothbrushes are rapidly becoming very much in demand all over the world as more and more people begin to discover the many benefits that they give. As the owner of an oral product business, it is crucial that you offer some of the best electric toothbrushes to your resellers and business partners. The UV clean sonic electric toothbrush, in particular, is one of the items that you must absolutely have in your product line.

    Customization Options

    When you set up an arrangement with an electric toothbrush manufacturer like Cinoll, among the first things you should discuss are the customization options that they can give. There are several features that can be customized for a UV clean sonic electric toothbrush and so you must take advantage of all the customization that your supplier can perform.

    Customized Brush Head

    You can tell the electric toothbrush manufacturer all the characteristics that you want on the brush section of your toothbrush, from the color, and length of the brush head to the length, hardness and density of the bristles. A good manufacturer will be able to execute your requirements exactly as you specify.

    Customized Body

    The body is the biggest part of the toothbrush and you certainly want to give it a trademark look and feel that would make it easily recognizable as your brand. Again, you can choose the colors, shape and length. It is also a good idea to include your brand name and logo with the design of the body.

    Customized Modes

    The core functionality of an electric toothbrush lies in the brushing modes that it is capable of. At Cinoll, we have a wide range of available modes that you can choose to include in your product, such as daily cleaning, sensitive mode, massage mode, whitening mode, and so on.

    electric toothbrushes design paper

    We’re a Factory instead of Traders

    Choosing to work with a supplier or a direct manufacturer is a common dilemma for new business owners but the answer is really quite easy. An original manufacturer or factory is always the better choice, provided that you can afford the minimum order requirement, which is usually bigger compared to that of a regular supplier.

    Without a doubt, Cinoll is an electric toothbrush manufacturer and not a supplier. We create our own products and do not source any of our merchandise from a third party supplier. For more than 10 years, Cinoll has been one of the most highly regarded oral care products manufacturers in the world.

    We have complete certifications from ISO, FDA and many other internationally recognized agencies. We also have our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China where we produce millions of items per month for some of the most popular oral care brands in the world today.

    electric toothbrush factory designer

    Quality Control of Electric Toothbrush

    In all the stages of production, from design all the way to the final packaging, Cinoll practices extremely stringent quality control processes and abides by the strictest standards in hygiene and safety. There are video surveillance cameras all over the facility and clients can always check these footages and even request for a copy so that they can monitor what goes on during the production of their order.

    The quality control procedures enforced by Cinoll are very meticulous. It involves detailed visual inspection and aging inspection by experts in the relevant fields like chemistry and engineering. Once the inspection is completed, a full report is prepared and the client is given a copy for their perusal.

    electric toothbrush head quality control

    Contract Manufacturing Services

    It is not known to the buying public but many of the world-renowned oral care brands actually source their products from Cinoll. Some of these global companies have been partnering with us as their primary manufacturer for years. This level of trust just shows just how reliable and impeccable Cinoll’s manufacturing capability is. It also shows that Cinoll is perfectly capable of becoming your own electric toothbrush manufacturer if you wish.

    When it comes to contract manufacturing, we are very proud to say that Cinoll is certainly one of the best in the business. Not only do we consistently produce top quality products, but we are also very professional when it comes to business deals. All of our employees are very dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and we will exert all efforts to give you exactly what you ask for.

    With our current facilities and logistics, we are more than capable of churning out at least a million items per month. However, we do cater to smaller orders as well because we want to help small and beginning businesses to become firmly established and eventually succeed. Our MOQ for most of our products is only 500 pieces but our prices are very competitive.

    We have worked with dozens of large oral care businesses over the years and we do believe that we have mastered the processes involved in contract manufacturing. We have full confidence in our system and in our workforce, and so we are also confident that we can be the best electric toothbrush manufacturer for your company.

    contract manufacturing

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