Teeth Whitening Mouthwash

Develop your own formula or use our custom formula to create a branded private label mouthwash.

Beyond Private Label

Concentrated PAP Formula   |   Lab Tested

Mouthwash is updated. Except for refreshing the breadth, teeth whitening effect of mouthwash is a must-have. Cinoll is here to help your business take advantage of this trend, with your customers taking advantage of the benefits of mouthwash: mouthwash, apart from cleaning, helps to freshen breathe, reduce or prevents gingivitis, reduces plaque (forming of bacteria) and get whitener, brighter teeth.

So, whether you need classic mouthwash with alcohol, PAP dropper mouthwash, an alcohol-free mouth wash, or you want it to be white color or no color, Cinoll has you covered.

  • Private label PAP mouthwash
  • Private label flavored mouthwash
  • Private label alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Private label flouride free mouthwash
  • Private label natural mouthwash
Cinoll PAP teeth whitening mouthwashes

Whitening Mouthwash Supplies

Cinoll white OEM teeth whitening mouthwashes


The ingredients we developed mainly including PAP, Xylitol, mint flavor, and other additional ingredients. The formula is updated and proven to cause no damage to teeth and gums. Safety is of top priority to our products.

A dropper of the mouthwash essence to 15ml water, swirl and mixed, to create a powerful whitening and anti-bacteria teeth rise. Advantages:

  • Fresh mouth and non-stimulation
  • Alcohol-free, no fluorine, SLS-free
  • Natural organic compound
  • No-irritating bleaching

1 × measuring cup

Customized flavor and packaging according to your brand design file. If no designed packaging, feel free to choose our pre-designed packaging with your logo.

Lead time: 5-7 days for small order with default packaging, 25-30 days for OEM order.

Custom Your Packaging

What Makes Us Your Choice


Cinoll is registered with the FDA. As an FDA registered facility, we are able to produce certain types of products that other factories cannot. No matter what product you’re looking to manufacture, we offer unique attention to detail and quality assurance at every stage of production.

CE Certification

Our products are able to be distributed within the EU and the EEA. The CE mark means that, we as your manufacturer take responsibility for the compliance of a product with all applicable European health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements.


We’re certified by ISO 9001. The ISO-compliant integration and orientation of inner processes keep our business from repeating errors, which contributes to increased productivity. And we are bringing our employees a good environment and culture.

Mouthwash Packaging

For teeth whitening mouthwash, we help custom your dropper bottles with unique shapes, bottle colors, private labeling, and branded packaging boxes. To make your mouthwash fashionable, we can help provide a pre-designed demo to quicken your progress. For classic mouthwash, most styles in market are available.

Updated Formula

With the effort of our WhiteningLab, we can now produce concentrated PAP teeth whitening mouthwash. With our lab reports, our formula can achieve whitening results in short time. Also we’re open to new formula ODM. Our developers are ready to help you improve your formula.

Quality Control

We are a manufacturer, not a dealer or repackager. We have our own in-house R&D lab and clean room where we research, develop, and test different formulations year-round in our quest to continually improve what are already considered to be some of the best teeth whitening products in the market.

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