How to Custom My Toothpaste Formulation

Experts Explain:

This is a good question!

Generally speaking, there are two ways to customize toothpaste recipes. The first is to use unique ingredients entirely. This method is more difficult, because it is best for you to have a background knowledge in dentistry or understand the functions and limitations of the relevant materials. A little carelessness may cause conflicts or chemical reactions between materials. Fortunately, Cinoll will have professional formulators to give you opinions and test results.

The second method is more suitable for most people, which is to add one or two additional ingredients based on the existing formula to achieve better results. For example, adding nano-hydroxyapatite. This method is safer and less error-prone.

No matter which method you choose, you need to carefully consider the function, usability and future sales points of the toothpaste before officially starting the project.

Another reminder, don’t easily trust the ingredient lists of various products online. Most toothpastes don’t list all ingredients. So it is unrealistic to refer to those ingredient lists.

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