Does Teeth Whitening Cost a Lot? Here’s the Truth


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One major concern for dental care clients is the potential teeth whitening cost when seeking any treatment. Is it affordable? How does it compare to at-home solutions? The truth is that professional whitening, also called chair-side whitening, has soaring prices. In general, a trip to the dentist can cost around $500 to $1,000. Moreover, one visit is likely not enough for this procedure!teeth whitening at the dentist cost

Due to the high tooth whitening dentist cost, consumers often tend to look around for cheaper alternatives. Although in-office treatments are effective, expenses put off their would-be clients. That said, your brand can offer a healthy, safe, and inexpensive alternative for these customers.

The global teeth whitening industry is a fast-growing market. If you aspire to join the top brands and companies, you can start by learning these facts about teeth bleaching.

At-home kits: low teeth whitening cost as a solution

People with no dental insurance to cover the cost of teeth bleaching can turn to affordable do-it-yourself kits. The client can save two to six times the price of teeth whitening procedures if they opt for at-home kits.

Teeth whitening kit: what is it?teeth whitening kit with lights and gel

In essence, teeth whitening kits are a mouth guard filled with a whitening gel. The user pushes it up into the teeth, wearing it for a while as recommended. Typically, these kits are a one-size-fits-all solution with varying bleaching levels. Since teeth whitening at the dentist cost is considerably expensive, this option is preferable for people on a budget.

Some over-the-counter versions range anywhere between $50 and $200. Usually, the price is dependent on the formula and design. You can also have them customized to fit the exact needs of the client. If you own a dental clinic, you can offer custom tray kits for around $200 to $600 per set.

At-home teeth whitening costs are available at attractive price points for buyers. In addition, these kits come in three different types. You can choose one or all of them to sell or use in your facility.

  • Kits with prefilled tray This type of kit has a free-size tray that already includes the whitening gel in it.
  • Kits with moldable tray The plastic tray allows reshaping to fit the teeth exactly. The kit comes with a syringe filled with the gel. The user squeezes it into the tray after molding.
  • Kits with LED lights. Kits of this kind can either have prefilled or moldable trays. It adds a LED light that’s attachable to the tray to enhance the whitening effect.

Why do teeth whitening kits work?

Rather than shouldering tooth whitening dentist cost, a client can just go the DIY route and save money. These kits are effective thanks to the compounds found in the gel. In most cases, manufacturers use hydrogen peroxide as the main whitening agent. It works to remove substances that stain the tooth.teeth whitening trays cost

Some gels have non-peroxide components. Sodium bicarbonate or sodium chlorite are also effective whitening agents. In other formulations, the gel includes an activator to hasten the process.

The teeth whitening cost for these kits is value-worthy because of the effect they deliver. Most of these sets work well for light to mild stains. In terms of use, most experts suggest the process takes about 30 minutes. Users can perform this regimen daily for up to two weeks.

The price of teeth whitening for at-home kits can also vary based on the number of treatments. Some packages are a five-day, one-week, or two-week preparation. Ideally, the kit comprises two trays along with the gel.

How to choose teeth whitening kits

Other than weighing the cost of teeth bleaching, there are other factors to consider. It’s crucial to review your options before purchasing these kits. After all, what you sell or promote can affect your brand in the long run.price of teeth whitening

Clinically proven results

You need to ask the manufacturer the right questions, such as certifications for the product. There are several quality control standards the supplier should follow. It includes testing for the kit’s effectiveness. It’s worth purchasing only if the manufacturing company can provide proof that the tray and gel are safe and effective.


The formulation and raw materials used can affect the speed of whitening. You should choose a kit that is comparable to how teeth whitening at the dentist cost. The best products provide visible whitening with only a few uses.

Active ingredients

Some ingredients in the gel can cause irritation. You need to research the manufacturer’s formula thoroughly. Incredibly low teeth whitening cost can mean something is sketchy on the ingredients. In general, hydrogen peroxide is a good option that’s enamel-safe and doesn’t cause pain or sensitivity.tooth whitening dentist cost

Price point

Why should you settle for a low-quality tooth whitening kit for your brand? When choosing, you should compare the price points and see whether you will get what you pay for. Some manufacturers can send samples to help you with your buying decision.


Often, a specific kit will not include personalization like private labeling. If you want to make it your own, you should choose a manufacturer that offers customization for the bulk of your orders.

Teeth whitening cost for other products

Other than teeth whitening kits, you can also offer other dental care products that consumers can use at home. Here’s a quick overview of the corresponding cost of teeth bleaching using these products.teeth whitening cost on toothpaste

Teeth whitening strips

Whitening strips are easy to use and very affordable. However, the effect isn’t as long-lasting, and the results are not as quick as whitening trays. It comes in a box with strips good for up to two weeks. A box of whitening strips can cost anywhere between $20 and $70.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste products are perhaps the most common over-the-counter oral care item. It’s widely available in drugstores and supermarkets. Most formulas use hydrogen peroxide as the main whitening ingredient. Typically, it’s the most inexpensive option at only about $3 to $20.

Teeth whitening powder

The price of teeth whitening using powder can average around $10. The tooth powder often has infusions of minerals and calcium that not only whiten but also strengthen the teeth. Some can even reduce tooth pain and control bad breath.

The bottomline

There are many options for dental care that you can offer to your end-users. Other than evaluating teeth whitening cost, you can also look at the manufacturer’s capabilities. You can partner with Cinoll if you want dental whitening kits that are affordable and highly effective. Reach out to an expert representative today and discover the benefits of collaborating with Cinoll!

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