Cinoll Leadership

At Cinoll, our leaders are innovation pioneers committed to driving the oral care manufacturing technology forward.

Manufacturing is the foundation of everything. Good teeth whitening products depend on quality manufacturing. And quality manufacturing depends on the management of materials, facilities, and technology.

—— Frank Yang | Chief Executive Officer

Frank Yang is chief executive officer of Cinoll. Every day, many patients and consumers rely on Cinoll’s teeth whitening products, which can be found in online stores, clinics, beauty spas, salons and other sites of care wordlwide.

Frank assumed his current responsibilities at Cinoll in 2011. He is now leading the company through a period of dynamic evolution and innovation, powered by Cinoll’s mission to support more and more brands to manufacture quality teeth whitening products.

Before founding Cinoll, Frank served as CEO of HiiAudio and Luckon. Over 10 years in electronic industry, he knows deeply about the importance of quality and supply chain of electronic products and therefore has a vision to make a change in cosmetic dentistry industry by manufacturing high-quality products.