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We specialize in crafting the perfect hydrating solutions, tailored to embody your brand’s unique vision and cater to your customers’ needs. Dive into a world where quality meets customization, ensuring your brand not only stands out but truly resonates with users seeking relief and comfort.

Cinoll Dry Mouth Spray

Customized Dry Mouth Spray

Dry mouth spray is rapidly gaining popularity as a staple in oral health routines worldwide. Its ease of use and fast-acting relief make it a favorite for individuals seeking immediate hydration and comfort.

  • Flavor — mint or customized
  • Spray Color — clear or customized
  • Capacity — 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, or customized
  • Packaging — plastic mist spray bottles with private label stickers
  • Outer Packaging — customized paper box
  • Samples — available
  • Unique Provided Formulation — available

Make Better Dry Mouth Spray for Better Sales

When it comes to selecting a manufacturing partner for your dry mouth spray, you deserve a collaborator who is not just a provider but a visionary ally. Here’s why we are the first choice for brands:

  • Rapid Turnaround: With a lead time of just 25 days, we ensure your product goes from conception to market-ready rapidly, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • Customized Formulation: Your brand is unique, and your products should be too. We work closely with you to develop custom formulations that align with your brand identity and meet your customers’ preferences.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: Quality is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment. Adhering to ISO 9001 standards, we guarantee that every batch meets the highest quality benchmarks.
  • Complimentary Sampling: Experience our quality firsthand with free samples, ensuring your total confidence in the products carrying your brand’s name.

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    Symptoms, Causes, and Why Spray Can Soothe Dry Mouth

    Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is not just uncomfortable; it can be detrimental to oral health, leading to difficulties in speaking, eating, and an increased risk of dental decay. It can result from various causes, including medication side effects, medical conditions, or lifestyle factors like smoking.

    Our dry mouth spray is an oasis of relief, designed to alleviate these symptoms effectively. The blend of Purified Water and Glycerin works to moisturize and lubricate the mouth, while Xylitol not only provides a hint of sweetness but also aids in reducing dental caries. PEG-6 and Hydrogenated Castor Oil enhance the spray’s soothing texture, ensuring it coats the mouth evenly for comprehensive coverage.

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