Custom Mouthwash Tablets Manufacturer

Step into the future of oral care with our groundbreaking mouthwash tablets. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way oral care brands enhance their product lines, offering an eco-friendly, effective solution that caters to the discerning consumer. Discover our bespoke manufacturing services, where quality meets sustainability.

mouthwash tablets manufacturer
mouthwash tablets manufacturer

Private Label Mouthwash Tablets

Our tablets are infused with natural flavors and active agents that are carefully selected for their oral health benefits, ensuring that every rinse is a step towards optimal dental hygiene.

  • Features: Eco-friendly, easy to use
  • Ingredients: Customized
  • Flavor: Mint or customized
  • Tablet Colors: Customized
  • Bottle: Glass, paper pouches, plastic or aluminum jars
  • Bottle Printing: Customized

Type 1. Chewable Mouthwash Tablets

Our Chewable Mouthwash Tablets are a testament to convenience and efficacy. Designed for the on-the-go individual, these tablets transform oral care into a hassle-free experience without compromising on quality. Simply chew, swish, and rinse to enjoy a burst of freshness and a clean that rivals traditional mouthwash. Ideal for travel, work, or anytime your oral health needs a quick boost, our chewable tablets are the perfect addition to any oral care routine.

  1. Take a tablet and place it in your mouth.
  2. Chew (10 seconds) to transform tablet into a liquid.
  3. Take a sip of water, swish for 30 seconds and spit.
Cinoll Chewable Mouthwash Tablets

Type 2. Dissolving Mouthwash Tablets

Specially formulated to dissolve quickly in water, these tablets create a potent mouthwash that targets the areas brushing might miss. With a focus on thorough cleansing and fresh breath, our dissolving tablets are a seamless upgrade to the conventional mouthwash experience.

  1. Drop one tablet into a small glass of water (approximately 20ml).
  2. Wait a brief moment as the tablet effervesces, dissolving completely to form a powerful mouthwash.
  3. Take a sip, swill the solution around your mouth for 30 seconds, ensuring it reaches all areas.
  4. Spit out the mouthwash, and feel the difference of a thorough, deep clean.
Dissolving Mouthwash Tablets

Private Label Toothpaste Tablets Packaging

Glass bottle for mouthwash tablets

Glass Bottles
Advantages: Strong sealing
Capacity: 62/248/300 tablets
Size: Depends

PET bottles for mouthwash tablets

PET Bottles
Advantages: Light in weight
Capacity: 62/248/300 tablets
Size: Depends

Aluminum can for mouthwash tablets

Aluminum Cans
Advantages: High-end touch
Capacity: 62/248/300 tablets
Size: Depends

Iron boxes for mouthwash tablets

Iron Boxes
Advantages: Travel use
Capacity: 62 tablets
Size: 23.5mm*83mm

sachets for mouthwash tablets

Single-Tablet Sachets
Advantages: Single use
Capacity: 1 tablet
Size: 63.7mm*34.7mm

Small paper bags for mouthwash tablets

Small Paper Pouches
Advantages: Small amount refill
Capacity: 32/62 tablets
Size: Depends

Big paper bags for mouthwash tablets

Big Paper Pouches
Advantages: Large amount refill
Capacity: 128/248 tabs
Size: Depends

mouthwash tablets kit

Mouthwash Tablet Kit
Advantages: Competitive set
Size: 248mm*158mm*55.5mm
Items: Bamboo toothbrush, tablets, floss, gift cards

The Innovative Manufacturing Process Behind Our Eco-Friendly Mouthwash Tablets

As a leading manufacturer in the oral care industry, we are proud to present our revolutionary mouthwash tablets – an innovative solution that combines convenience, sustainability, and the powerful efficacy that our customers have come to expect from our products.

Our mouthwash tablets are the result of meticulous research and development, designed to provide a high-quality, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional liquid mouthwashes. Let’s delve into the sophisticated process that transforms carefully selected ingredients into the compact, effective tablets that are redefining oral hygiene.

mouthwash tablets ingredients

The Essence of Quality Ingredients

Quality starts with the right ingredients. Our tablets are formulated with premium components such as:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate: A natural cleanser that neutralizes oral acid.
  • Citric Acid: To optimize the pH balance and catalyze our tablet’s effervescent action.
  • Xylitol: Not just for sweetness, but also for its dental health benefits.
  • Natural Flavors and Essential Oils: To ensure that fresh, clean taste and natural antiseptic properties.
  • Plant-Based Binders and Magnesium Stearate: For cohesiveness and smooth dissolution.
  • Menthol: To give that refreshing, cool sensation that enhances breath freshness.

Our commitment is to use natural and vegan-friendly ingredients wherever possible, avoiding artificial colors and flavors to ensure a product that is as kind to the environment as it is effective.

Cinoll mouthwash tablets production process

Manufacturing Process

Advanced Mixing and Compounding

Precision is key. We employ state-of-the-art mixing technology to ensure each ingredient is perfectly blended. This homogenous mix is crucial for the consistency and reliability of every tablet we produce. In addition, our integration of essential oils and flavorings is carried out with the utmost care to maintain the integrity and potency of these ingredients.

The Art of Compression

Our advanced tablet press machines are the heart of our manufacturing process. After the granulation stage, which ensures optimal flow and compression, the powder is precisely compressed into tablets. This process is closely monitored to achieve the ideal balance – firm enough to avoid crumbling, yet designed to dissolve effortlessly when used.