Cinoll private label toothpaste
Cinoll private label toothpaste

7 Effects Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Customized formulation, customized packaging

Cinoll’s multiple effect toothpaste is specially formulated to give your customer a noticeably whiter, brighter smile. Its deep-cleaning formula fights cavities and provides tartar control. And to make sure the whitening lasts, Cinoll’s technology helps prevent new stains from setting in.

All toothpaste can be customized to your requirements at the following options.

  • Age group — adult
  • Feature — extreme whitening, stain defense technology, low abrasion, remove plaque and surface stains without causing sensitivity.
  • Flavor — fresh mint or customized
  • Toothpaste color — customized
  • Toothpaste cap — customized
  • Certificate — MSDS
  • OEM/ODM — available
  • White label — available
  • MOQ — 10,000 pcs
  • Samples — free samples

We’re Multiple Effect Toothpaste Manufacturing Factory

We’ve upgraded the formula to help you start up with the best. It’s a low abrasion formula, so the enamel won’t be damaged. Teeth will look whiter and healthier and you’ll know they’re getting a deep clean. Plus, the mint flavor leaves your customers’ breath fresh.

Feel free to get a quote and free samples from our factory!

How We Process Your Order

  1. Order consultation – we confirm your specifications and packaging request.
  2. Logo confirmation – our designers help with a product demo
  3. Free samples – we offer you free samples before bulk production
  4. Mass production – the production begins after everything is confirmed
  5. Quality control – every patch of toothpaste are under quality check
  6. Shipping – we follow the shipping process until you get them

    Get in Touch

    7 Effects Toothpaste Wholesale & Manufacturing for Your Company

    Everyone smiles occasionally. To do this comfortably and confidently you need to have a white well maintained set of teeth. Here at Cinoll, we have made that possible for all the users of our oral care and teeth whitening products.

    Cinoll’s multiple effect whitening toothpaste has specially been formulated to ensure that all your clients have a brighter set of teeth. Our upgraded teeth whitening toothpaste formula is of low abrasion, protecting your client’s enamel. Teeth will appear whiter and you’ll certainly see they’re getting a deep clean. Additionally, the mint flavor makes your customers have a fresh breath.

    Toothpaste Manufacturing Professional

    At Cinoll, we ensure to deliver customized products like teeth whitening toothpaste. This means that we can manufacture the 7 effects teeth whitening toothpaste to perfectly suit your customer’s requirement wishes. 7 effects teeth whitening toothpaste can be customized with your design paper. In addition to that, other customization options include;

    Customized Formulation

    Teeth whitening Toothpaste manufactured at Cinoll has an active ingredient that has proven to clean teeth and gums gently preventing the teeth from bad breath, plaque, cavities and other teeth related problems. Its deep-cleaning formula fights cavities. To make sure the whitening lasts, Cinoll’s technology helps prevent new stains from setting in.

    Here at Cinoll, we give brands like the B2B brand and other oral products resellers the opportunity to present their formulations like abrasives, humectants, flavoring, binders or any formulation the brand wishes to create, which will be found here at our factory’s lab. However, if you already have created your formula then it would be absolutely amazing to present it to us for manufacturing in our R&D labs and testing labs.

    Customized Tube Size

    Tube size customization is also another customization option at Cinoll.  We customize the tube sizes depending on the tube size you wish to pack your whitening toothpaste. From normal size to tiny travel size, just the accurate size to suit your needs.

    Customized Packaging

    Another customization option for our clients includes customized packaging.  From the logo, colored/black &white printing, boxes, bags, promotion packs and everything else your packaging might require we deliver!

    toothpaste formulations

    We’re a Factory instead of Traders

    When it comes to defining what we are, people can really get confused sometimes hence the question; is Cinoll a factory or a supplier? Here is the answer to that; Cinoll is a private label teeth whitening business for manufacturing toothpaste and other oral care products. Some of these teeth whitening products include;

    • Teeth whitening mouthwash
    • Teeth whitening toothpaste
    • Teeth whitening trays
    • Teeth whitening strips,
    • Teeth whitening powder
    • Teeth whitening LED lights. Among other products.

    Understand that Cinoll is not a trading company or a supplier/ reseller that falsely presents itself as an original manufacturer. Cinoll has positioned itself as the premier private label manufacturer of oral care products. We have all that we require to be in business

    • Cinoll toothpaste factory has ISO, MSDS, FDA certifications which fully certifies/licenses what we do.
    • Cinoll finishes its quality control process in its factory such as Visual Inspection, and Determination of pH and enamel demineralization.
    • Cinoll’s factory is cleanroom level that offers a sterile environment.
    cinoll tooth paste factory

    Quality Control of Toothpaste Products

    Working with Cinoll guarantees you the best and improved quality of your whitening toothpaste and other oral care products. At Cinoll, the quality of your order is promised.  We ensure to finish our quality control in the factory right before we present our products to the brands and private label charcoal toothpaste suppliers.  Highlighted below are the various methods we practice to ensure quality control is maintained. Visual inspection in the factory, PH determination of the toothpaste and enamel demineralization.

    Moreover, Cinoll manufacture offers quality reports and quality control videos before presenting you with your order. It is quite a convenient method of ensuring quality control of the products we manufacture and the private label companies we work with have confirmed it.

    Cinoll manufacture also ensures that the 7 effects Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is packaged in tubes that have no defects and do not whatsoever contaminate the teeth whitening toothpaste during its shelf life.

    Toothpaste quality control lab

    Contract Manufacturing Services

    Having produced long term toothpaste products for several brands including private label teeth whitening toothpaste suppliers over the past 10 years, It is only right to mention that Cinoll is a contract manufacturer that knows how to keep its end of the deal. Our clients trust our work and so should you!

    Cinoll’s monthly output is over 1 million pieces. This is quite an impressive figure as you can see! Note that Cinoll manufacture supports long term cooperation with brands and resellers of oral care products like teeth whitening toothpaste. Working with Cinoll manufacture is the best decision you can make today.

    At Cinoll, we know the edging formula and technology to use in order to improve the quality of our client’s products. Not only do we provide our clients with high-quality products, but we also provide services and support to help you successfully define and promote your brand, such as one-of-the-kind product design.

    contract manufacturing

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