Cinoll private label toothpaste
Cinoll private label toothpaste

Fluoride-free Organic Fruit Kids Toothpaste

Customized formulation, customized packaging

Our FDA and MSDS certified organic kids toothpaste is made 100% free of trace of chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, glutens, fluoride, saccharin, SLS, SLES, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, or synthetics of any kind. Just clean, natural, and safe ingredients for kids. With private labeling service to your brand, we support your path to great kids’ oral care supplies!

All kids toothpaste can be customized to your requirements at the following options.

  • Age group — children
  • Feature — Organic, whitening, anti-cavity, for sensitive teeth, oral refreshing, basic cleaning, anti-bacterial
  • Flavor — customized
  • Ingredient — plant-based
  • Toothpaste color — customized
  • Toothpaste cap — customized
  • Certificate — MSDS
  • OEM/ODM — available
  • White label — available
  • MOQ — 10,000 pcs
  • Samples — free samples

We’re Kids Toothpaste Manufacturing Factory

We make kids fluoride-free toothpaste to fight cavities. Not tested on animals and made without: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS free), Triclosan & Parabens, Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners, Preservatives & Blue, Red, Yellow Dyes and Plastic Microbeads. Tubes and Cartons can 1be 00% recyclable.

As a manufacturer, we supply world top brands with customized formulas & pre-designed products.

How We Process Your Order

  1. Order consultation – we confirm your specifications and packaging request.
  2. Logo confirmation – our designers help with a product demo
  3. Free samples – we offer you free samples before bulk production
  4. Mass production – the production begins after everything is confirmed
  5. Quality control – every patch of toothpaste are under quality check
  6. Shipping – we follow the shipping process until you get them

    Get in Touch

    Kids Toothpaste Wholesale & Manufacturing for Your Company

    After babies start losing their baby teeth and finally start having their first set of primary teeth, they need to be shown and guided on how to take care of their teeth. Choosing the right toothpaste supplier can be quite helpful in maintaining oral care especially for your kids brand.

    Some adult toothpaste is made using a formulation that might not be suitable for children. This is the reason why Cinoll manufactures a fluoride-free organic fruit kids toothpaste that rather lures children to brush their teeth at least once every day.

    Toothpaste Manufacturing Professional

    At Cinoll, what our clients request is exactly what we deliver! Nothing less or more! From the customization of the toothpaste formula, the logo, packaging, design, etc. more importantly, fluoride-free organic fruit kids toothpaste can be customized with your design paper. Let us explain for more clarity:

    Customized Formulation

    Are you a kids toothpaste supplier who wishes to have your own customized fluoride-free organic fruit kids toothpaste? Then Cinoll manufacture is your long-awaited solution. Fluoride-free organic fruit kids toothpaste is the best for toddlers. From ages 2 -5, this toothpaste is highly recommended.  Having your kids use fluoride-free organic fruit kids toothpaste is necessary because the children are not prone to have discolored first teeth. Here at Cinoll, we give brands like the B2B brand and other oral products resellers the opportunity to present their formulations like abrasives, humectants, flavoring, binders or any formulation the brand wishes to create, which will be found here at our factory’s lab.

    Customized packaging

    Children’s tubes of toothpaste require eye-catching packaging therefore, the packaging of our products can be customized to suit our client’s orders as well.  This applies to the logo, the printing on the boxes, bags, promotion packs among any other packaging material that you might find suitable for your brand.

    Customized tube size

    The size of the toothpaste tube can be customized too. Starting from the small traveling tubes to the normal sizes. Cinoll manufacture is ready to ensure that you, our client, receive everything you asked for and at the right time.

    toothpaste formulations

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