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We understand that pets are not just animals; they are beloved members of the family. As a responsible pet toothpaste manufacturer, we take immense pride in our commitment to enhancing the oral health and overall well-being of our furry companions. With years of experience and expertise in the toothpaste industry, we stand as a trusted partner for pet brands and companies seeking a reliable and innovative manufacturing solution.

Cinoll pet toothpaste manufacturers

We are a pet-friendly company!

Pet Toothpaste Contract Manufacturing for Furry Friends

We believe that only the best is good enough for our pets. That’s why we use carefully selected, high-quality ingredients to create toothpaste that is not only effective but also safe for pets.

Our formulations are developed in collaboration with you the experienced veterinarians, ensuring that every product is tailored to address your specific dental needs while adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

We Are a Pet Toothpaste Manufacturer & Pet Lover

no sulfates pet toothpaste
No Sulfates(SLS + SLES)
no gluten and allergens pet toothpaste
No Gluten + Known Allergens
no parabens pet toothpaste
No Parabens
no animal test pet toothpaste
No Animal By-Products
made with love pet toothpaste
Made with Love

Customized Texture for Your Pet Toothpastes

Your branded cat and dog toothpastes can be unique as your brand. We can produce different types of dog toothpaste in different colors, textures, ingredients, packaging and flavors to meet your requirements.


  • Dental Hygiene: Promotes oral health by controlling plaque and tartar buildup, preventing dental issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay.
  • Fresh Breath: Helps freshen your dog’s breath by eliminating bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Tartar Control: Contains enzymes that break down and remove existing tartar, preventing further buildup.
  • Gum Health: Reduces the risk of gum disease and inflammation by removing bacteria and food particles.
Cinoll customized toothpaste textures

Private Label Pet Toothpaste Manufacturing to Your Brand

Let’s make good quality pet toothpaste for our lovely pets!

Popular customized flavors: Poultry, chicken, beef, cheese, vanilla, etc.

We certainly have more! Please be noted that pet toothpastes above are developed by our factory. Most of time, we offer custom toothpaste manufacturing services. Get a quotation from us or talk about customization! Contact Us

How We Manufacture Pet Toothpastes

A good quality pet toothpaste is a combination of your great idea and our manufacturing techniques. Here’s how we work with pet toothpastes brands to bring their idea to market.


Ingredients Brief

Ingredients are important for a pet toothpaste. We will discuss together about ingredients, flavors, colors and textures.

Making Samples

After we settle down the ingredients, we will make samples accordingly to bring the products to life and ship out.


Every pet toothpaste deserves a nice packaging box. We make boxes strictly according to your designs.

Bulk Production

With our self-owned toothpaste factory, we can shorten the lead time to 23 days for a large volume production.

Ceaseless Pursuit of Quality Pet Toothpastes

CEO Frank Yang

From Frank Yang, CEO of Cinoll — In the depths of my pet-loving soul, a narrative of passion, care, and unyielding commitment unfolds. As the CEO of a pet toothpaste manufacturing factory, I embarked on this incredible journey driven by my profound love for animals and their holistic wellness. With Gugu, my ever-curious cat, and Doudou, my faithful and playful dog, my mission to craft a realm where pets revel in robust oral health came to life.

My vision goes beyond business objectives; it’s a solemn vow to nurture the vitality and joy of our cherished animal companions. We exist as the conduit between pet brands and the realization of secure and top-notch toothpaste creations. Our ceaseless pursuit of excellence ensures every tube of toothpaste carrying our emblem epitomizes the reliance pet owners repose in us.

At the very heart of our vision lies the security of our furry friends. I acknowledge that pets transcend mere companionship; they’re integral members of our extended family. This recognition fuels our meticulous concoction of toothpaste formulas that are not only efficacious in promoting oral hygiene but are also entirely harmless for our quadruped confidants. Every component is handpicked and scrupulously examined to meet the most exacting standards of quality, ensuring that each brushstroke propels our pets towards well-being.

Innovation acts as the lifeblood coursing through our factory’s veins. We are in a perpetual quest for novel avenues to augment our products, making certain they adapt to evolving pet needs and owner inclinations. Our commitment to ceaseless research and development ensures that our toothpaste doesn’t just cleanse teeth; it also addresses specific oral predicaments our pets might confront.

Yet, extending beyond the walls of our factory and the contours of our products, is a dedication to enlightenment. I firmly believe that enlightened pet owners pave the way for healthier pets. Hence, we make it our mission to edify pet parents about the significance of oral care and the pivotal role our toothpaste plays in fending off dental woes. Empowered with knowledge, pet owners can proactively pave the way for their pets to lead lives devoid of oral unease.

As we march forward, we’re driven by a dual purpose: to stand as the trusted collaborator for pet brands seeking unparalleled toothpaste solutions and to function as the unwavering advocate for pets’ holistic welfare. My story unfurls as a chronicle of empathy, ingenuity, and devotion—a narrative that will continue shaping itself as we tirelessly endeavor to embellish the world, one radiant pet smile at a time.

Produce Good Pet Toothpaste for Our Beloved Pets

We extend a warm invitation to discerning pet toothpaste brands seeking to elevate their market presence with superior products of the highest caliber. As a dedicated manufacturing entity specializing in premium pet toothpaste formulations, we offer an array of distinct advantages that epitomize excellence and innovation, fostering unwavering trust in our product quality and services.

Unrivaled Formulation and Efficacy:

Distinguished by our veterinary strength enzymatic formulation, our pet toothpaste represents an unparalleled standard of efficacy. Its potent and efficacious cleansing action ensures optimal oral health for pets, effectively combating plaque and tartar accumulation through regular usage. Thus, affording pets a resplendent and pristine oral condition.

Oral Care Par Excellence:

The multifaceted attributes of our pet toothpaste transcend mere dental hygiene, encompassing both breath-freshening and tooth-cleansing properties. The oral care regimen we offer imparts a holistic approach, bestowing our discerning clientele’s pets with the dual advantages of a refreshing breath and a meticulously cleaned dentition.

Delectable Poultry Flavor:

Recognizing the paramount significance of consumer acceptance and compliance, our toothpaste formulation is tastefully infused with an alluring poultry flavor. This culinarily enticing attribute ensures seamless acceptance, promoting ease of use during the brushing process and fostering a rewarding and harmonious pet-owner interaction.

Advancing Health and Preventative Care:

Emphasizing the pivotal role of oral health in pets, our toothpaste emphasizes a proactive stance toward preventive oral care. Regular brushing rituals, facilitated by our toothpaste, are instrumental in staving off adverse conditions such as halitosis and periodontal disease, affirming our commitment to promoting long-term well-being.

GMP-Certified Facility and Stringent Quality Assurance:

Our toothpaste manufacturing facility bears the coveted Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, underscoring our unwavering commitment to upholding industry standards and best practices. Rigorous quality control measures permeate our operational framework, validating our dedication to delivering products of uncompromising quality and integrity.

Private Label and Custom Formulation Expertise:

In response to dynamic market demands, we offer exclusive private label services, thereby enabling esteemed clientele to prominently showcase their brands on our premium pet toothpaste. Moreover, our accomplished team of specialists stands ready to collaborate and craft bespoke formulations, tailored to exacting specifications, as a testament to our pursuit of individualized excellence.

Why Entrust Us?

We transcend the role of a mere manufacturing entity, positioning ourselves as your strategic partners in attaining unequivocal success. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have emerged as the preferred choice for esteemed pet toothpaste brands. Together, we envision reshaping the landscape of the pet care industry, leaving an indelible impact on pets and their cherished owners.

Embrace this opportunity to forge an alliance with us, and together, we shall chart new frontiers of excellence in the pet toothpaste market. Align with our expertise, and let us unite in our pursuit of perpetuating radiant smiles and enduring welfare for our beloved companions.

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