Custom Silver Toothpaste Manufacturer

At Cinoll, we are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality silver-infused toothpaste. Our mission is to empower oral care brands with a product that not only guarantees a radiant smile but also ensures a healthier brushing experience.

Pure. Potent. Pristine.

Silver has been recognized for its antibacterial properties for centuries. We’ve harnessed the power of silver to fight bacteria, leaving mouths fresh, clean, and healthy.

  • Flavor: Mint or customized
  • Paste Colors: Silver shiny
  • Tube Size75g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g or customized
  • Tube Cap: All types of caps available
  • Tube Printing: Customized
  • Paper Box: Customized to your brand

Let’s Manufacture Success Together

We are not just manufacturers; we are innovators in oral care. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are where science and precision ensure that every tube of toothpaste we produce sets a new standard for quality and effectiveness.

Cutting-edge Technology

We harness the latest advancements in manufacturing technology to deliver products that stand out:

  • Automated Mixing Systems: Our computer-controlled mixing systems ensure uniform distribution of silver particles and other ingredients, achieving a perfect blend in every batch.
  • Precision Filling Equipment: Advanced filling machines guarantee accurate dosage and prevent contamination, ensuring that each tube is filled with the exact quantity of toothpaste, down to the last milligram.
  • Automatic Packaging Lines: High-speed, automatic packaging lines enable us to handle large orders with remarkable speed and precision, while reducing human error and maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

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