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Customized your private label teeth whitening products quick & easy, with tiny minimum and no maximum.

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Cinoll has helped support thousands of businesses worldwide achieve great products through our specialized manufacturing solution. We do our best to help our clients go above and beyond and exceed expectations that ultimately satisifies their customers! If you have seen products on Amazon, Ebay, Tiktok, Instagram and other buying websites, or retail stores, there is a good chance that the products were manufactured by Cinoll.

Your Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer


Teeth whitening business can be started smooth and at lower risk. It shouldn’t take much out of a startup, or occupy much budget when developing a new product for mega brands. That’s not Cinoll’s style.

At Cinoll, it’s our mission to bring teeth whitening products to large or small brands in a high-quality and quick way. You can receive like teeth whitening kit with your logo and branded printing in 7 days, or further with your customized packaging box in 14 days.

No business is too small. We’re teeth whitening business supporter, for 10 years, and will never stop.

Private label teeth whitening kit
private label oral care packaging design

No Worry about Your Private Label Packaging

Supported by top packaging designers

It may be expensive to have a packaging designer to work on your project, but it’s not with Cinoll – we have a strong designer team on private label teeth whitening projects to give you a wonderful experience on designing. You will never know how your designers understand your brand and the products.

Before designing your private label teeth whitening box, the designer will ask you about your branding and your logo. Any reference of the packaging can be sent to the designer to better understand your needs.

The cost? No cost, totally free. It’s always a happy experience to help any new brands to start their first packaging design.

Unlimited Possibilities for Your Brands

With Cinoll, your brand name is on the label; we never market finished products with our brand name in place. This allows the opportunity to make your brand stand out, not ours. Not only do we provide you with high-quality products, we also provide services and support to help you successfully define and promote your brand, such as one-of-the-kind product design.

In a word, we help your company to custom the packaging from inside out.

Customized Packaging Box
Customized Packaging Box
Private Logo Printing
Private Logo Printing
Customized Jar Stickers
Customized Jar Stickers
Customized Display Bag
Customized Display Bag
Customized Product Colors
Customized Product Colors
Customized Embossing
Customized Embossing

One-Stop Private Label Services

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Custom Packaging

Private label teeth whitening packaging allows you to create unique, branded looks for your products, helping to differentiate them from the competition and attract new customers.

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Only High Quality

We guarantee that your bespoke packaging or product manufacturing will be completed accurately and on schedule. It will be difficult to find a better partner for white label teeth whitening.

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Direct from Factory

By working directly with our factory, you can customize your products to meet your exact needs without extra middleman cost. This allows you to create a product that is specifically tailored to your individual teeth whitening needs.

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Custom Formulations

You have the option of placing your own private label on our normal product line, or we may create a formulation that is exclusive to your brand. If you already own a formula, we may manufacture and package it on your behalf.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Products

All teeth whitening products can be private labeled or fully customized at Cinoll factory. Feel free to send your requirement right to our team or choose from the categories below to know more details.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening kits or mobile teeth whitening kits are the most popular products we manufactured to our clients. Most of the successful clients we met would customize the teeth whitening light, teeth whitening syringe or teeth whitening gel pen, and the whole packaging boxes.

We highly recommend you to send us the brand logo file and we’ll have our in-house designers to help create a demo with your own logo. With this, you won’t have to PS by yourself. Or if you have design files, that would be even better, as it will shorten the whole process time.

Cinoll private label teeth whitening kits
Cinoll private label teeth whitening light

Private Label LED Teeth Whitening Lights

Mainly there are three types of teeth whitening lights in the market today: light with changeable batteries, magnetically charged lights, and wired teeth whitening lights.

The lights with changeable batteries and magnetically charged lights can be printed with your logo around the switch button. And the wired one can print logo or words under the trays. Although the teeth whitening light is usually a part of the kit, it plays an important role in showing the brand since it’s the mostly used items in teeth whitening.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe/Pen/Tube/Capsule

Syringe, pen, tube, or capsule(created by Hismile) that carrying teeth whitening gels are quite different in private labeling because of their shapes and materials.

For the traditional syringe type, we recommend you to print the logo or words behind the marks. And make sure the logo or words come in rectangular to fit on the thin syringe. Pens can be customized in colors and logos. The outer pen body can be coated with matte or shiny finishes which makes the pens more attractive. The tube features the same as pens while capsule is quite new made by plastic. You can also custom the capsule in sizes, colors and outer printing.

Cinoll private label HP CP PAP teeth whitening gel pen
Cinoll private label teeth whitening pens

Private Label Teeth Whitening Refill Kits

Teeth whitening refill kits are supplements to teeth whitening products. The key to get your teeth whitening refill kit in ideal private labeling is to think of why and when your customers buy refill kits – they use all gels, and need to buy more since the gels are working perfect or they’re still in the treatment cycles.

Therefore, to make your refill kits attractive enough for those customers, you firstly need to continue the brand style of your whitening kits. Then emphasize the whitening power of the refill kits via some smile graphics or copywriting. The packaging of refill kits can be customized in boutique gift boxes, on-the-go paper boxes, aluminum bags or retail plastic bags.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth whitening powders can be found in different flavors and ingredients. Our most popular teeth whitening powder is charcoal teeth whitening powder in black packaging box. The private label options of a teeth whitening powder is simple: the carrier box.

As powder must be kept in dark and cool environment, we highly recommend you to private label a box in dark colors such as black. Then here comes two solutions of packaging: a high-end one, and an economical one. High-end whitening powder packaging is private molding, which means you can make any shape or sizes. The economical one features a flip-top round jar with or without an inner cap. Both of them can be customized with stickers and paper boxes.

Cinoll private label teeth whitening powder
Cinoll private label teeth whitening strips

Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are consumables since they are one-off products and their lower manufacturing cost. However, if you want to make your teeth whitening strips much memorable, it requires more design and attention to the packaging because most top brands are selling strips as well and they have the advantages of brand loyalty.

The key to good teeth whitening strips private label lies in the thin aluminum or plastic made bags. There’re two sides of the bag: one for your brand information and the other for the user instruction. We recommend 100% printing to the bag instead of stickers and a customized outer box.

Private Label Toothpaste

Cinoll is a leading provider of private label toothpaste services. Our services are designed to meet the needs of established and emerging toothpaste brands. We offer competitive pricing, superior quality, and a fast turnaround time. Our experienced team of professionals works closely with each brand to ensure the perfect formulation and packaging of the toothpaste. We are able to customize the ingredients and flavors to the brand’s specifications, while keeping costs low.

toothpaste private label services
private label electric toothbrush

Private Label Electric Toothbrush

Our private label electric toothbrush services offer numerous competitive benefits. Our products are designed to be reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective. All of our products are quality tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Additionally, our experienced team of designers can help create a custom design that perfectly reflects the brand of the customer.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you create the perfect electric toothbrush for your brand. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect electric toothbrush for your brand.

How We Help Your Projects

Send us your product sample, design file or packaging files to get your demo design.

Confirm your product and packaging design as well as specificaton of your products.

Start your mass production with quick lead time and on-process quality control.

Our process

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Quick, Easy, Quality

Private labeling is not only about private stickers. We make private labeling manufacturing to save your time on product development. Your oral care business can never be so hassle-free.

Get our catalog and pick up your products, then we’ll help your manufacturing from logo printing to packaging!

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