Dental and Teeth Whitening Products

CE, FDA, CPSR, ISO compliant contract manufacturing.

Professional Teeth Whitening Supplies

If you’re looking to expand or break into dental products manufacturing, partner with the best contract manufacturer for teeth whitening lights, teeth whitening trays, syring gel and more: Cinoll Manufacture.

Cinoll has positioned itself as the premier private label manufacturer of oral care products. We’re licensed, experienced and provide top-notch services not just in the oral lab, but also at the design board and in the delivery space.

Our Manufacturing Range

Pick up one of our expertise and ask us for free samples. We’re certified manufacturer to some of the top oral brands, maybe we can work with your project too! 🙂

Kit de branqueamento dos dentes
Kits de Branqueamento Dentário

Fórmula, sabor, recipientes de entrega, luzes, caneta de gel de seringa e embalagem para criar o seu kit de clareamento personalizado perfeito.

Luzes branqueadoras dos dentes
Luzes LED de Branqueamento Dentário

Luzes branqueadoras de dentes LED com ou sem fios para branquear dentes até 8 tonalidades. As nossas várias luzes são personalizadas para diferentes características.

Teeth Whitening Refill Kit
Kits de Branqueamento Dentário

Clinically proven, dental grade ingredients, state-of-the-art formulations, with little or no sensitivity and stable shelf life.

Bandejas branqueadoras dos dentes
Bandejas branqueadoras dos dentes

Os melhores tabuleiros branqueadores de dentes por atacado com diferentes tamanhos, características únicas. Também caixas de retenção dentária em vários tamanhos.

Pó branqueador dos dentes
Pó branqueador dos dentes

30/60/80g with customized bottles. Remove smoke, tea, betel palm, coffee, yellow and dark stains and plaque.

Pasta de Carvão Vegetal de Bambu
Pasta de dentes OEM

Pasta de dentes de carvão de fórmula personalizada, dá dentes fortes, brilhantes e saudáveis. Sinta-se à vontade para obter um desenho de embalagem privado.

Tiras branqueadoras de dentes
Tiras branqueadoras de dentes

Effective in eliminating extrinsic staining. Customized shell colors, logo, and packaging design. Ideal for large volume wholesale.

Limpadores de Língua
Limpadores de Língua

Available for magnetic charging and UV sterilizing, or simple manual design. Ideal to remove odor-causing bacteria.

Escova Eléctrica de Dentes
Escova Eléctrica de Dentes

Desde o desenho exterior, ferramentas, software, hardware até ao fornecimento de acessórios para escovas de dentes, pode encontrar tudo na nossa cadeia de fornecimento.

Fornecimento de escovas de dentes de bambu
Escovas de Dente de Bambu

Tanto o cabo como a caixa exterior são feitos de materiais 100% naturais e são também biodegradáveis - não é utilizada fita adesiva ou cola.

Cinoll dental floss products manufacturer
Dental Floss
Dental Floss, Floss Picks & Dental Tape From everyday cleaning to getting around braces and dental work, there’s a one-stop…
Fornecimento de produtos de correcção de cor dos dentes Cinoll
Corrector de Cor dos Dentes Espuma
Corrector de cor dos dentes Fornecedor de espuma correctora de cor que fornece rapidamente a sua marca de branqueamento dos dentes com a mais recente espuma correctora de cor....
Cinoll teeth color corrector powder manufacturer
Corrector de Cor dos Dentes em Pó
Teeth Color Corrector Powder Color correcting technology in powder form! Cinoll is the No.1 manufacturer of color corrector powder that…
Cinoll teeth color corrector serum manufacturer
Teeth Color Corrector Serum
Teeth Color Corrector Serum Now color correcting to cancel stains! Cinoll is the top teeth color corrector serum manufacturer that…

Whitening Dental Wholesale

Cinoll is the world’s leading producer, distributor, and wholesale supplier of teeth whitening solutions.

We provide end-to-end unique solutions for teeth whitening enterprises and dental clinics in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and anywhere else.

Our FDA and ISO registrations attest to our cutting-edge technology, clinically tested formulas, and best-in-class goods. Our dental products are well-known for their long-term effectiveness. Get in contact if you want to make your customers happy.

We wholesale everything you need to establish a profitable wholesale teeth whitening company. When selecting a distributor, it is critical that they have a complete understanding of all goods and their advantages.

Why We Are Your Best Wholesale Option

Wholesale Teeth Whitening Gel

Cinoll use the finest quality and concentration of teeth whitening gel wholesale available on the market. We sell gels and supplies manufactured in FDA and ISO certified factories. Our gels are FDA/CSA approved and adhere to Health Canada product guidelines. Cinoll gels are dentist-recommended, vegan, Kosher-certified, and include essential oils. We’re your wholesale teeth whitening suppliers.

Projectos recentes

kit de branqueamento dos dentes sim-branco


Kit Branqueamento Dentário Sim-branco
Limpador de língua FreshNGo2


Raspador de Língua FreshNGo
Fornecedor de kit de branqueamento dos dentes Dravon


Kit de Branqueamento Dentário Dravon
Whitely Teeth Whitening Kit Cinoll


Kit de Branqueamento Dentário Dravon
fabricante de kits de branqueamento de dentes com sorriso eliminado

Elim Sorriso

Elim Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

The Ultimate Guide to Private Label Teeth Whitening Products Manufacturer

Glad you scroll down! This is a complete guide to the fast-growing private label oral care products.

Neste guia, obterá informações em primeira mão:

Vamos saltar logo para dentro.

How Will Cosmetic Dentistry in 2022

Personal appearance has seen a spike in recent years, and 2022 is not as different. More people embrace the need to change their appearance into a more appealing form for various reasons.

One of the changes that are considered by about everyone is the condition of teeth.

Making any form of enhancements to teeth has proven to be one of the primary ways to upgrade someone’s appearance twofold.

This trend has led to more consumers opting to use promising teeth whitening products, feeding into the manufacturers’ demand. This has led to more profitability in cosmetic dentistry and sparked the development of advanced teeth whitening products since people go to lengths to get what they need to better themselves.

Let’s take a look at the figures.

The key market figures show promising markets on the projected outcome of the global teeth whitening market. By 2016 the projected whitening toothpaste market would have reached up to $3,275.75 million globally in products form only.

By 2021 the value would have increased to $3,780.01 million with up to $630 million incremental growth. The American market will lead the market with an estimated 54.89%, resulting from its early penetration compared to other countries in the same market.

Cosmetic dentistry will increase twofold in years to come as more consumer whitening products increase in demand. Any teeth whitening lights supplier is part of the diverse world that leads up to the increase in the market value of the products.

Global teethwhitening trends in 2021

How Private Label Manufacturing Helps

1. Strengthening Brand Awareness

If you have a vision of taking your teeth whitening brand to the next level as a retailer, private labeling is the best strategy.

According to research, up to 66% of shoppers prefer buying products from private labels since it assumes that they have better products than generic retailers.

Having a strong brand awareness within the industry is a great way to keep sales for the year to come as you retain as many customers as possible through increased loyalty.

Investing in digital marketing solutions is vital in maintaining proper brand awareness by moving with the consumers’ trends and reaching them in all ways possible. With personalized branding and packaging and useful products, private labels remain relevant in the market for decades.

2. Low operating costs and risks

Costs are a huge factor when it comes to the development of private label whitening products. Manufacturing and operating costs such as material, overhead, labor, third-party compliance, freight, and shipping, packaging, among others, are way cheaper when they are done in less costly manufacturing processes are locations and wholesale raw materials.

There are fewer risks when working with overseas manufacturing professionals who have been developing similar products for years compared to setting up manufacturing plants for your product at your costs.

The same manufacturers are some of the best teeth whitening lights supplier as well. The cost difference is immense; hence you can have more saving to make your products even much better.

3. Social Media Influence and Product Development

If you are developing a product as an influencer, you are sure to use your platform to your advantage and get as many sales as you can on your teeth whitening product.

It is a trend done by many social media influencers who have managed to set a strong foundation for their products through their platforms.

What to Customize Your Oral Care Products

Well, talking about customization, we have much to talk to.

For most brands, private label services is almost equal to contract manufacturing. That’s because you’re asking for a long-term partner, not a temperate company which can not make any long-term services and promises.

So what to customize if you’re going to realize your oral products?

1. Logo

Logo is vital in oral products, escpecially for those home-used machines, such as teeth whitening lights which can be portable to everywhere.

To make your logo on your products, there’re usually two methods to get it done: printing or molding. If considering about cost, printing is much more affordable than molding. Just ask your supplier about the cost.

marca de raspador de língua

2. Packaging

The packaging is absolutely important to retail products. However, most oral care manufacturers are weak at packaging assistance, since many manufacturers haven’t completed their supply chain.

When customizing your product packaging, you should ask carefully about the packaging cost, no matter you need a luxury box, shipping box, plastic bag, paper magnetic box or whatever. Different boxes differ a lot in price.

powder packaging

3. Formula

Although not many oral care products require a unique formula, products like teeth whitening gel, toothpaste, and teeth whitening powder with different formulations will enjoy great popularity in the market.

If you already have your own formula designed and require a qualified manufacturer to make it into an on-shelf product, it’s a good choice to pick up a patented manufacturer. Patented manufacturers are often equipped with R&D labs and testing labs, which make them your ideal partner to oral care products.

How to Ensure High Quality

Now you have a manufacturer list for oral care products, it’s time to learn how to ensure your oral products are perfectly made.

1. Check CE Marking First.

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for oral care products sold within the EEA.

The CE marking is also found on products manufactured and sold outside the EEA. It’s the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.

2. Check FDA Certification.

For dentists and dental laboratories, the raw materials and equipment used in the delivery of dental services is regulated in some manner by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Therefore, to ensure your products manufactured in China can meet the requirement of U.S. market, do ensure your oral product’s manufacturer can meet the FDA certification.

3. Check MSDS and More Reports.

Some products such as teeth whitening gel and charcoal powder, should be qualified with MSDS report.

The report looks like this:

MSDS report

When you’re going to cooperate with an oral care manufacturer, make sure check the company name, product name, ingredients used, and more details in the report.


That’s it for our guide to private label oral care products.

Now we’d like to hear your thought:

What are your impressions of oral care products manufacturer in China so far?

Let us know by sending us a message 🙂