Custom Teeth Whitening Kits

Customized teeth whitening kits with retail or luxury packaging, and wholesale teeth whitening kits in bulk.

Private Label Your Branded Teeth Whitening Kits

We specialize in custom teeth whitening kit allowing you to choose the formula, flavor, delivery vessels, decoration and packaging to create your perfect custom whitening kit.

  • FDA & CE registrations
  • Fast-acting, long-lasting whitening formulas
  • No sensitivity and stable shelf life
  • Customized packaging from inside out

Types of Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening Home Kit

Private label home kit branded with your logo and color theme. The kit packaging can be customized into pouches or boutique boxes. This kit comes complete with:

  • Customized LED whitening light
  • Mouth tray
  • Customized teeth whitening gel
  • Tooth shade progress chart
  • Instruction card
teeth whitening kit wholesale
Cinoll Dental Teeth Whitening Kit

Chairside Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional chairside teeth whitening tray kit for single whitening sessions with LED whitening lamp. The kit packaging can be customized into pouches or boutique boxes.  This kit comes complete with everything you need for one session:

  • Customized teeth whitening syringe
  • Gingival barrier
  • Desensitizing syringe
  • Vitamin E swabs
  • Disposable cheek retractor
  • Disposable dental bib
  • Disposable mouth gauze
  • Disposable finger wipe
  • Paper tooth shade guide
  • Cotton rolls

Custom Your Branded Whitening Kit

Mix and match with our full range of accessories to make up your products!

Cinoll wired teeth whitening light
LED Whitening Lights

Customized 16/24/32 light beads, magnetic charging, waterproof body, 330mAh battery, light colors

teeth whitening trays
Universal Trays

Customized TPE transparent tray or EVA tray, fit seamlessly onto the mini lights, customized colors

Whitening Gel Syringes
Whitening Gel Syringes

Customized in whitening pen or syringe gel, formulated non-peroxide whitening gel, customized flavor

retainer cases
Retainer Cases

Customized retainer cases with your brand logo, colors, graphics, special inserts or more decoration

Shade Guide
Shade Guides

Customized disposable teeth paper shade guide, in private logo, various colors, customized shade quantity

Paper Instruction
Paper Instruction

Customized printed product user manuals in your brand colors, logo, languages and sizes

Teeth Whitening Pods Cinoll
Teeth Whitening Pods

Print your logo on the latest teeth whitening gel pods for a compact experience! Custom pods color and packaging.

teeth whitening kit custom packaging
Customized Packaging Boxes

Attractive boxes for your attractive brand. We support full customization on packaging boxes with free design.

Ranking the NO.1 in Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturers

Our private label teeth whitening kits helps ensure that your products will meet consumer expectations when placed on store shelves. Our product team will work with you every step of the way—from concept to completion—to help optimize your products prelaunch, saving you time and money in the long run.

teeth whitening lights custom in Cinoll
design teeth whitening kit box

Design Your Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit: We’re Your Designers!

Your whitening brand need an attractive packaging design, not only on colors, but also on persuasive content. As your product manufacturer, we know your product features and your expectations, which makes us the best designers of your brand. If you’re a new brand owner who need packaging design, we are the perfect partners.

Our Works Say It All

Customized Kit Packaging Boxes

Going to get your new series started? Plan to change a new packaging box? No worries, we offer one-stop packaging to your projects. Paper box, metal box, folding box, bags & anything you come up with.

teeth whitening kit packaging

Top Teeth Whitening Kit Supplier

Cinoll ranks top of teeth whitening kit suppliers in China because:

  • We are professional in custom formula, flavor, vessels, packaging boxes to help you solve the total product manufacturing and shipping.
  • No matter you are brands, clinics, or personal business, our products that are clinically proven, dental-grade will offer you the best quality and reputation.
  • Our teeth whitening kits are certified with CE, FDA and ISO for high quality and safety guarantee.
  • Cinoll’s teeth whitening kits are fast-acting and long-lasting, with little or no sensitivity and stable shelf life, ensuring your products’ effectiveness.
  • Our teeth whitening kits can be made up with various accessories, feel free to mix and match your kit to make up your perfect products!
  • Don’t forget to order your customized packaging box by offering your logo to our designers! Any shapes, colors, printings are welcome.

We Value Quality and Services

It’s your task to find a qualified manufacturer, and it’s all our duty to make your products the perfect choices to end-users.

To all our clients, we’re confident to offer the best services, from free advice to cut the cost, best formula on the market, stylish packaging ideas…

  • Dental-grade ingredients
  • Competitive OEM prices
  • Luxury packaging for retail
  • Free samples before order
  • Private moldings available
  • Quality report before shipping
teeth whitening kit

Trusted By Oral Healthcare Brands

Request OEM/ODM Teeth Whitening Kit in Low MOQ

Tips & Resources

Top Tips & Resources for Teeth Whitening Kits Ordering

At Cinoll, we pride ourselves on providing your business with the best, not only in terms of the products that we manufacture, but also in our support of your business. With our articles and blog posts, such as those above, you will find endless amounts of information to help you in your quest to become a tooth whitening business entrepreneur.

From starting out to making your products the best they can be, Cinoll can help you at every step of the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Teeth Whitening Kits Manufacturer

So lucky you scroll down! Teeth whitening kits is in HUGE demand right now.

And it’s only getting bigger.

The question is:

How do you find the right manufacturer for teeth whitening kits?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this guide.

Let’s jump right in!

What Makes Up Your Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening kits come in many forms but are mainly a collection of trays and tubes of whitening gel or whitening syringes, used to whiten the teeth.

The trays are filled with the whitening gel and fixed to the teeth then left for some time. Some of the various staff in teeth whitening kits include:

teeth whitening trays manufacturer

Whitening moldable trays/pre-filled trays

Kits with pre-filled trays are one-size-fits-all kits with trays that are already filled with whitening gel. These come in handy for individuals on the go.

Whitening trays can be divided into two types according to their materials: EVA trays and TPE trays. Both of them are one-size-fits-all trays that can be used with teeth whitening gel that comes in syringes.

led teeth whitening light manufacturer

Whitening LED light

Teeth whitening LED lights have lately become popular for their aesthetic appeal and seemingly better results. The trays are attached to an LED light that helps activate the whitening gel to facilitate the whitening process.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It’s a type of light that is used to activate teeth whitening agents. The solution is used with a mouth tray that fits over the front teeth. The LED light activates the whitening solution.

Overall, the addition of LED lights to whitening procedures has improved the effectiveness of whitening agents, allowing for brighter and whiter smiles.

teeth whitening gels manufacturer

Syringe Gel

The whitening gel contains dental-grade 35% carbamide peroxide in customized flavor. It removes years of stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking, and more.

If used as directed, most customers see results in as little as 1 treatment with no sensitivity. The gel is safe for enamel as well as caps, crowns, and veneers.

teeth shade guide manufacturer

Teeth shade guide

A dental shade guide is a set of simulated teeth used to select prosthetic teeth by color. The simulated teeth are made of plastic or porcelain.

However, for in-home teeth whitening kits, it’s more quickly and easily to track teeth whitening results with a disposable tooth shade guide. It’s a side-by-side comparison tool to gauge teeth’ shade before and after teeth whitening.

Usually, the teeth shade guides in teeth whitening kits are made by paper, for better recycling after use.

Order Teeth Whitening Kits with Private Labels

Low MOQ, short lead time in 14 days, fully-customized packaging!

What to Customize in Your Teeth Whitening Kit

Every brand needs unique packaging and highlights in their products, and that kind of uniqueness helps win their markets. This is why we need to know more about customized manufacturing when you’re going to find a good manufacturer.

There are many things you can custom for your teeth whitening kit, including these:

Kit Packaging Boxes

We first talk about packaging since if you’re a wholesaler or reseller of general teeth whitening kit, you probably require a kit that contains universal products without a unique design but with a customized packaging box.

As for packaging, we recommend you get a luxury retail box with your own logo and user guide on the back. We have experience in supplying lightweight, easy to customized, and remarkably beautiful boxes with vibrant digital print.

teeth kit packaging boxes
teeth whitening kit logo

Teeth Whitening Kit Logo

Whether you’re displaying teeth whitening kits in-store or delivering a customer order, the private logo printed or molded in products can strengthen your customers’ impression.

With our custom-printed products, you can send us your designed logo and have teeth whitening kits ready with your logo. We even offer a free demo to help you experience the real products branded as you required, to ensure you will get the ideal results.

Kit Components

As we talked about above, a teeth whitening kit contains much staff. Therefore, what components you decide to put in one kit depends on your company.

For a normal teeth whitening kit, it usually contains a teeth whitening light, a few syringe gel, a teeth shade guide, and a user guide. For refill packs, teeth whitening gel is the major player. Both for normal pack or refill pack, there will be tiny accessories that need to be customized, such as inserts, user guide book, teeth shade guide, plastic trays, etc.

teeth whitening kit accessories

Have Your Design in Mind? We Help Bring it True!

Fully customize to your design and required specifications.

How to Make My Kit Different

In fact, teeth whitening kit market is quite a red sea. There’s so many similar teeth whitening kit products in shapes, colors, packaging, function…It’s hard to attract customer’s interest with general products.

What do we mean by general products? As you can see, most brands are selling whitening kit like the same except the logo. This type of teeth whitening light is the most common and old version in the market. Then what’s the popular type? Here you go:

In order to win the customers’ interest, you’d better customize your own shape right starting from private moldings. This can make your teeth whitening light much more memorable than other kits on the market.

teeth whitening business starter

How to Make Cinoll Your Teeth Whitening Kits Manufacturer

The process of seeking out a contract manufacturing vendor can be lengthy, involved, and costly to change. So take care to consider all relevant aspects before settling on a contract manufacturer. The advantages of contract manufacturing can be offset by the cost of getting it wrong.

1. See Our Capability

In creating a shortlist of vendors, collect a list of capabilities. This summary will enable you to get a snapshot of what all the manufacturers can offer. Chances are, your product will require more than one service, so go down the list checking against their services.

2. Check Our Experience/Qualification

Is the contract manufacturer experienced in your industry? How many years? What are their current assets and equipment? Do they possess appropriate certifications to work in your industry and produce to the level of quality you require? One of the greatest values manufacturers offer is their tried-and-tested knowledge to determine the best path to market.

3. Browse Our Equipment & Technology

The right contract manufacturing partner will be able to utilize the proper technology and equipment for your job. And this means either possessing the tools, themselves or having access to them within their network.

Therefore, if new equipment is needed for a very customized process, clearly establish early on who is responsible for paying for it, and how long it will take for it to come online.

4. Personnel

Remember, manufacturing rises and falls on people. And this encompasses the people at the top of the operation all the way to the bottom.

How competent are the managers and operation personnel? Does your team mesh well with theirs? How about the people on the floor? Of course, while you are not involved in their actual hiring, you do have a legitimate interest in their training processes to ensure your product line is matched to the proper skill level.

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