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My First Foray Into Teeth Whitening Was a Disaster

CEO Frank Yang

I launched my first business of teeth whitening almost 10 years ago.

And like most people, I knew that teeth whitening business was going to be HUGE.

So I read everything I could about teeth whitening from blog posts and social media.

You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about:

  • I focused on high strength gels
  • I paid for expensive whitening courses
  • I ordered high-end tools

But no big results.

I quickly realized that the “Google can tell us anything” approach worked GREAT for smart learners.

But what about someone like me who was a new starter? How could I learn teeth whitening fast and good?

That’s why now I want to make a collection about teeth whitening learning.

You will find many knowledge here, one by one, together make up a learning system.

There’s NO advertising, NO product selling, NO hidden truth. Only free share and discussion.

The history of teeth whitening new
The science of teeth whitening new
Types and causes of tooth staining
Type of teeth whitneing lights new
Types of teeth whitening gels