Wholesale Chairside LED Teeth Whitening Light

Used by dental professionals for teeth whitening treatments, it is a compact, portable LED light that emits a specific wavelength of light to activate the whitening gel applied to the patient’s teeth.

Wholesale Chairside Teeth Whitening Light & Lamp

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Chairside teeth whitening light wholesale
Cinoll 3 Color Teeth Whitening Lamp

How Does This Whitening Lamp Function?

  • Easy-to-use digital keypad for customizable illumination and timer settings.
  • Session length can be adjusted up to 30 minutes in 1-minute increments.

Bulb illumination is customizable in three variations:

  • Mode A: Red LED Light treats tooth sensitivity, improves gum blood circulation, and reduces inflammation.
  • Mode B: Blue LED light activates teeth whitening ingredients, speeding up the whitening process for quick results.
  • Mode A/B: Purple LED light (combination of red & blue) acts as a disinfecting treatment when desired.


  • Wavelength: 460-490nm
  • Power: 40 watt
  • Light Intensity: 200-300 mw/cm2
  • LED Light: 8pc 5 watt blue/magenta color
  • Input: AC100-240, 50/60HZ
  • Height: 1300mm
  • Arm Length: 1250mm(max)
  • Legs width: 593mm

Q: What’s the minimum order? Can I buy one?

Yes of course, we don’t have any quantity requirement. The MOQ is from 1. Feel free to order only 1 at wholesale price!

Q: Does the teeth whitening machine come with a warranty?

Our professional lamps have a 12-month all-parts warranty, covering electrical parts, bulbs, and power supply malfunctions. We will replace the faulty part or the entire lamp depending on the issue. Please note that the warranty does not cover misuse of casters, damage to the lamp’s arm, or any exterior damage after purchase.

Q: How does professional teeth whitening work?

The teeth whitening gel, which contains peroxide, opens the pores of the teeth to remove stains. The peroxide is activated when exposed to higher temperatures, a process that occurs gradually once applied in the mouth. The teeth whitening machine speeds up this activation process, resulting in a rapid improvement in shade. Individuals with healthy teeth can achieve a shade increase of 4-8 shades in just one session!

Q: Any gift if I order one light?

We’ll send you a free red glasses with the light. And you will have discount with customized teeth whitening gels too!

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