Teeth Whitening Lights 101: All the Basic You Need to Know


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For sure, you have seen and heard the growing trend today for teeth whitening. It’s not the new flavor of the toothpaste you usually see in advertisements; it’s the one using LED lights.

But don’t jump in just yet to order your products. As a teeth whitening light manufacturer, get to know how this fantastic innovation works and why many are adored.

What are teeth whitening lights and why do consumers love them?

teeth whitening lights loved by influencersTooth whitening involves any process that lightens the color of your teeth. It can be done by physically removing the tooth’s stain or a chemical reaction that lightens its color.

LED teeth whitening is one innovation that uses a tooth-whitening agent like hydrogen peroxide and a light-emitting diode (LED) to whiten the teeth. One of the primary reasons this teeth whitening process is on top of the discussion is that you can see the best result when using them daily for thirty minutes in two weeks.

Users opt to use LED teeth whitening lights to avoid tooth damage and extra teeth sensitivity risks. Other alternatives to LED, such as UV and halogen, are prone to injury since both use heat that can cause burns inside and around your mouth. Ultimately, people love teeth whitening lights for their convenience and affordability. You can buy at-home teeth whitening kits for about $100 or less. This makes it more affordable than setting up teeth whitening sessions with your dentist. Also, since it’s already available in the market and very feasible for home use, you can use your kit as a touch-up for last-minute arrangements without waiting and lining up for a dentist appointment.

How do teeth whitening lights work?

blue teeth whitening light headThe first question you will probably encounter will be, ‘how does a mere light whiten your teeth?’ ‘Is it the light that whitens the teeth?’ The concept of teeth whitening light is that you put a gel on your teeth and light on it.

The gel has an active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide, which whitens the teeth. The light is believed to speed up chemical reactions that remove stains from your teeth. The faster the chemical reaction, the more stains can be removed in a shorter time. And with more stains removed, the whiter your teeth will be. Depending on the equipment used, teeth whitening lights can make your teeth 6-8 shades lighter.

Cinoll prides itself on teeth whitening lights with 100 LED beads. You may have done some research online on teeth whitening lights and found some featuring 16 or 32 beads to speed up whitening gels. As much as you want to rely on the best whitening gel for this process,  Cinoll’s research revealed that smooth lighting is also key to activate teeth whitening gels. The key here is to increase the number of lights while making sure all the beads are compact.

What can be customized on teeth whitening lights?

As a teeth whitening light manufacturer, your edge lies in the level of customization you can do with your products, depending on your customer’s request. Here at Cinoll, we provide you with comprehensive customization for your products to look like your own. We list six customizations that Cinoll can do for your teeth whitening lights.

1. Specifications

With Cinoll, we can work with our clients in producing eye-catching shapes according to specifications. Just make sure you provide the necessary information, like the intensity of the device’s light.

2. The Number of Light Beads

You can order teeth whitening lights with 1, 5, 16, 24, 32, 48, 100, or 200 light beads. Remember that the more light beads on the device, the stronger the whitening power it has. You can also customize the number of light beads for the device.

3. Light Color

What you see on the almost teeth whitening lights, they are typically in blue. With Cinoll, we can extend to others colors as well so your product will stand out from others. You can choose red lights or other colors.

4. Charging Method

Most whitening lights charge with the use of either a wireless magnetic charger or a USB. It is best to figure this one out to best cater to your customers and potential target market. If you are out of options, we can always suggest the best for you.

5. Body Colors

Give your products a personalized touch for your customers by having various colors to the light body of teeth whitening.

6. Packaging Boxes

We work on your budget. Remember that good packaging is compact and provides protection. It should have your company logo for brand promotion and enhance product recall.

Why choose Cinoll to be your manufacturer?

White teeth whitening kits with packaging boxHere, at Cinoll, we provide low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to our clients. Since not all businesses can jump to purchasing in large numbers, we can find ways to start your business or test a product line. Being a professional teeth whitening light manufacturer, we pride ourselves on certifications from the International Organization for Standardization, Food and Drug Administration, Standard Global Services, and others. We continue to evaluate and research the latest formula in the industry.

We value your choices when it comes to your product line. Our in-house design and development will help and guide you with your customization options through design demonstrations and packaging recommendations. By having our factory, we control manufacturing time and lead time in ensuring the safety and whitening results of your products.

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