Private Label Color Corrector Tooth Powder Manufacturer

Precision-engineered to neutralize yellow tones, our powder uses the principles of color theory to brighten smiles with an expert touch. Each batch is crafted with care, adhering to the strictest quality control measures, to ensure that every jar delivers consistent results and the promise of a healthier, more radiant smile.

Purple Color Corrector Tooth Powder

Formulated with safe, enamel-friendly ingredients, it gently lifts away surface stains, while the subtle purple hue counteracts yellow tints, resulting in a naturally whiter appearance. Our formula is free from harsh chemicals and abrasives, ensuring that customers can indulge in a whitening experience that is as kind to their teeth as it is effective.

  • Weight — 50g or customized
  • Flavor — mint or customized
  • Size — 7.7 x 2.7 x 1.8 inches
  • Powder Color — light purple
  • Powder Packaging — default white jar or customized boxes with private label stickers
  • Outer Packaging — customized paper box
  • Samples — available

We’re Tooth Color Corrector Powder Manufacturing Factory

Excellence in Manufacturing, Delivered on Time

Your time is valuable, and so is your trust. We honor both by guaranteeing a rapid production turnaround of just 25 days, ensuring that your product reaches the market without delay. Our manufacturing process is the heartbeat of our operation—efficient, reliable, and always in tune with the high standards of the dental care industry. By choosing Cinoll, you choose a partner that understands the importance of timely delivery in this fast-paced market.

Design and Sample Services Tailored for You

Our full-service approach to client partnerships includes complimentary packaging design services and free samples. We believe that experiencing the quality of our product firsthand and having a package that captures the consumer’s eye are crucial steps towards a successful market launch. Allow us to showcase our purple color corrector tooth whitening powder through custom-designed samples that speak directly to your customer base.

Forward-Thinking Research & Development

Innovation doesn’t rest, and neither does our R&D team. At Cinoll, we are continually exploring new formulations and refining existing ones to keep you ahead of the curve. Our state-of-the-art R&D capabilities mean that we can respond to market trends with agility, ensuring that your brand is always at the cutting edge of oral care technology.

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