Teeth Whitening Refilling Kit

Wide range of boutique refills, bagged refills, any customized refill packaging you required.

Customized Teeth Whitening Refilling Kits for Your Brands

Achieve professional-level teeth whitening refill kits with Cinoll, labeled as your own brands. You will see rapid production and shipping in the lead time we give you.

This teeth whitening refill kit contains light-activated whitening gels developed for sensitive teeth using nourishing and strengthening ingredients specifically for sensitive teeth means no discomfort or sensitivity.

  • FDA registrations
  • Self-owned whitening gel factory
  • Customized packaging, capacity, printing, and gel
  • Comes in packages of 500

Our Customized Solutions

teeth whiteing refill kit boutque
Metal Pen + Boutique Case

Best for high-end refilling to boutique teeth whitening kit. Metal packaging and custom printed boxes.

teeth whitening refilling kit plastic
Plastic Syringe + Boutique Case

A most economical choice for mid-low level of teeth whitening kits. ECO plastic and customized high-end box.

teeth whitening refill kit
Plastic Syringe + PVC Bag

A convenient choice for the daily of teeth whitening kit refilling. ECO plastic and customized PVC bag.

teeth whitening refill kit paper
Plastic Syringe + Paper Case

Plastic pen and paper case together bring a minimal image to your brand. Customized your paper box design.

teeth whitening refill kit cylinder
Plastic Syringe + Cylinder Box

Paper cylinder box with paper inserts to better get your products packed. Get your box customized with printing.

Unique Packaging for Your Brands

Going to get your new series started? Plan to change a new packaging box? No worries, we offer one-stop packaging to your projects. Paper box, metal box, magnetic box, bags & anything you come up with.

teeth whitening gel refill kit packaging

More Benefits for Your Projects

Low MOQ starts from 500
High-performance, take-home teeth whitening gel
16%, 22% or 35% carbamide peroxide
Customized gel quantity and packaging
Customized gel carrier
Free samples available

Top Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Supplier

Cinoll ranks top of teeth whitening refill kit suppliers in China because:

  • We are a factory of whitening pens and syringes in bulk to help you order teeth whitening refilling.
  • No matter you are brands, clinic, or personal business, our gels that are clinically proven, dental-grade will offer your brand the best quality and reputation.
  • Gels are made in China’s best laboratory that is CE, FDA, CPSR, and ISO certified for high quality and safe ingredients.
  • Cinoll’s teeth whitening gels are customized in gel type, strength, packaging, with little or no sensitivity and stable shelf life, ensuring your products’ effectiveness.
  • Our teeth whitening refill kits can be made up with various accessories, feel free to mix and match your kit to make up your perfect products!
  • Don’t forget to order your customized packaging box by offering your logo to our designers! Any shapes, colors, printings are welcome.

Request Whitening Gel Refill Kit Free Samples

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