Custom Teeth Whitening Strips for Your Brand

We offer premium contract manufacturing on peroxide or non-peroxide whitening strips for your brands with your branded packaging.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips

We are based here in China and have a quick turnaround time. We only use high-quality ingredients in our formulations and our shipping prices are low, not to mention that our lead time is quick, meaning you can get a product on the market and sold sooner than working with other international suppliers.

  • Individual package
  • Customized formula and ingredients
  • Customized whole set with outer boxes
  • Customized flavor
  • Discount in high volume order

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

individual packaging of teeth whitening strips
Individual Packaging

Individual packaging for each strip to ensure hygiene, and the convenience for your customers to use.

teeth whitening strips whole set
Whole Set Supplies

When it comes to marketing, a complete set of whitening strips will sure meet your brands and customers’ need.

teeth whitening strips flavor
Customized Flavor

Mint, charcoal, coconut, strawberry and orange…We’re committed to realizing your formulation.

teeth whitening strips colors
Active Ingredients

We choose best raw materials to ensure the performance of teeth whitening strips such as active charcoal.

teeth whitening strips technology 2023
Latest Improvement

We invest in latest strips technology such as stability of dissolved teeth whitening strips.

Types of Teeth Whitening Strips


Teeth Whitening Strips

Our strips have been formulated to help with the daily battle against staining products, such as coffee, smoking, soda, tea and wine. In addition, our strips are safe for daily use and gentle on sensitive teeth. They are clinically proven to whiten just as well as the leading whitening strips without any damage to enamel or gum tissue. The strips are thin, flexible to whiten teeth and remove stains.

IngredientsHP (Common options: 6%, 8%)
CustomizationStrip shape: Straight / Curve
Packaging box: Customized
Scent: Mint-flavored or customized


Teeth Whitening Strips

The new generation PAP teeth whitening strips have adopted professional oral nursing design, which can improve the color of teeth and whiten teeth rapidly without discomfort.

IngredientsPAP (Common options: 2%, 3%)
CustomizationStrip shape: Straight / Curve
Packaging box: Customized
Scent: Mint-flavored or customized


Teeth Whitening Strips

Charcoal teeth whitening strips are infused with most effective teeth whitening formula to remove years of stains and give you a brighter, whiter smile. These safe, fast and highly effective teeth whitening strips are enamel safe, sensitivity-free and easy to use.

IngredientsActivated charcoal
CustomizationStrip shape: Straight / Curve
Packaging box: Customized
Scent: Mint-flavored or customized
teeth whitening strip technology

Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips

Fast-dissolving whitening strips make all worries about strips disappear. These convenient, easy, and safe strips are designed for busy people who want results fast and without the messiness of traditional (non-dissolving) strips. They’re also ideal for those who like whitening but suffer from painful sensitivity caused by other longer wear strips. And they can even be worn at bedtime while sleeping.

dissolving whitening strips

Manufactured to Meet Your Branding

At Cinoll, we will work with your team to develop strips for your target market, whether that be peroxide or non-peroxide. Our off-the-shelf strips can be manufactured in a variety of flavors including; mint, coconut, and strawberry to name a few.

Also, the whole branded packaging as well. Our team sees your packaging as the winning weapon to the market, and we put 100% energy in helping your to create and produce the perfect packaging for your strips.

teeth whitening strips branding
teeth whitening strips before and after

Only Winter White Effect

With regards to peroxide strips, we adhere to UK and EU legislation of a maximum of 6% hydrogen peroxide to be sold through the professional dental channel or of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide to be sold through retail/online to end users.

Within both of these options, we can offer unique dissolving strips which dissolve on contact with saliva in around 10-15minutes, combining this with a strong mint flavoring provides great whitening with breath-freshening results.

Easy to Use, Easy to Feel the Magic

We make products that are good to sell and good to use.

Open 1 packet of the strips and remove from the plastic backing. The side that was attached to the plastic contains the whitening gel. Apply the gel side of the longer strip to top teeth just along the gum line. Press and seal the strip onto teeth and fold the rest of the strip behind your teeth. Repeat with the shorter strip for your lower teeth. Leave on for advised application time. Remove the strips and discard.

teeth whitening strips use

Why Countless Brands Trust Our Quality

Cinoll ranks top of teeth whitening strips suppliers in China because:

Highlight 1: Ideal strength of the gel

The high-quality dental tape has a high-strength gel, even if it is touched very hard, the gel will not be lifted up, completely preventing the gel from adhering to the hand.

Highlight 2: Good tear-off of the strip

Our strip can be peeled from the hard plastic film at will. After the dental strip is torn off, the appearance is neat and clean. Even the squeezed dental sticker will not leave gel on the hard plastic film.

Highlight 3: Good adhesion of the strip

Our dental strip has unique elastic adhesive force and high-density characteristics, can provide excellent adhesion, and can be better attached to the teeth than ordinary dental tapes. The good adhesion prevents the dental tape from coming off the teeth. Slide down, which not only guarantees the effect but also makes it more comfortable.

Highlight 4: Long-term stability of strips

The strip can be stored for two to three years, which will not bloat, melt, and the whitening effect will not decrease, which is an important prerequisite for your sales.

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We are experts of teeth whitening science. Most of our engineers in our teeth whitening lab have more than 10 years of experience. And this provides us the absolute understanding to the market.

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