U Shaped 360° Mouthpiece Toothbrush

Manufacturing toothbrush from handles to brushing foam to packaging!

FDA, CE Certified Mouthpiece Toothbrush Manufacturing

As a U-shaped sonic electric toothbrush manufacturer, we’re committed to producing new generation 360 degree toothbrushes that are loved by adults and kids, for oral care brands, clinics, amazon stores and more.

  • FDA & CE registrations
  • IP5~IP7 waterproof
  • Customized toothbrush handle
  • Customized cleaning modes
  • Customized sizes for adults or kids

360° Kids Electric Toothbrushes

Ready-to-go U-shaped kids electric toothbrushes for your private labels.

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We Custom U Shaped Toothbrush to Your Brands

Custom Molded Handle (1)
Custom Molded Handle

Round, square, animal shapes, spaceship…with our silicone molding techniques, your design will come to life.

Customized Silicone Brush
Customized Silicone Brush

The 360 degrees U-shaped brush is customized to your designed shape, bristles quantity, and food-grade brush materials.

Innovative Sonic Technology
Innovative Sonic Technology

With up to 20,000~ 48,000r/minute, the best electric toothbrushes remain particularly gentle with teeth and gums.

Customized Wireless Charging
Customized Wireless Charging 

The charging base is customized to match the whole design. Waterproof and quick charging in 1 hour for days usage.

U-shaped Customized Packaging
Customized Packaging

We help you make your retail packaging attractive! All types of printing and finishes are available like gift boxes.

Teeth Whitening Function
Teeth Whitening Function!

U shaped toothbrush can be applied with teeth whitening lights. 2-in-1 design to get your teeth comprehensively whitened.

Everything Made to Your Design

There are too many similar styles on the market. How can you upgrade your styles or get a better startup? The answer is quick prototyping and quick manufacturing! Also imagination.

Cinoll U-Shaped Toothbrush

Kids Toothbrush Manufacturing

It’s not that easy to manufacture kids electric toothbrush since children’s safety is of great importance. Cinoll is manufacturing U-shaped kids electric toothbrush under FDA and CE compliance, to ensure every toothbrush we make are good to our children.

  • Food-grade materials
  • Drop-resistant silicone
  • Customized foams
  • Children toothbrush education
  • Private moldings available
  • Quality report before shipping
Kids Toothbrush Manufacturing
Adults Toothbrush Manufacturing

Adults Toothbrush Manufacturing

How we support your 360° Adults Mouthpiece Toothbrush? The answer is all-around customized services! We at Cinoll own our SMT and Injection factories that can build U-shaped toothbrushes in any shape and printing. Also, we can make toothbrushes with the function of teeth whitening!

  • Food-grade materials
  • Drop-resistant silicone
  • Customized foams
  • All-in-one teeth whitening light
  • High-end body design
  • OEM/ODM to your project

Make Cinoll Your One-Stop U-Shaped Toothbrush Factory!

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📒 The Ultimate Guide to U Shaped 360° Mouthpiece Toothbrush

Being the top U-shaped electric toothbrush manufacturer in China, we sincerely share our insights and unique knowledge with you.

What you should know before looking for a qualified manfuacturer:

  1. What is U Shaped Electric Toothbrush
  2. The Working Principle of U Shaped Electric Toothbrush
  3. The Cleaning Modes for U Shaped Ultrasonic Toothbrush
  4. Why U Shaped Toothbrush Is Loved By Adults and Kids

Let’s jump right in!

What is U Shaped Electric Toothbrush

U-shaped electric toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that has only emerged in recent years. The difference from traditional electric toothbrushes is:

One is that the traditional electric toothbrush is held in your hand, and the brush head is placed on different teeth to vibrate back and forth, while the U-shaped brush head is directly wrapped on the baby’s teeth and moved slightly to the left and right to brush the teeth.

Second, traditional toothbrushes generally use soft bristles, while U-shaped toothbrushes use silicone toothbrushes with softer brush heads.

The Working Principle of U Shaped Electric Toothbrush

Why its cleaning power can be so powerful, the core technology is in the U-shaped brush head.

The brush head is composed of super-soft silicone bristles, which are very friendly to fragile gums.

There are 5 layers inside and outside, which can cover a large area of the oral environment at one time, including the tooth surface, gums, and periodontal.

Compared with the small brush heads of ordinary toothbrushes and the fine nozzles of water flossing, it is naturally more labor-saving to use.

The Cleaning Modes for U Shaped Ultrasonic Toothbrush

There are 3 cleaning modes: strong mode, gentle mode, and bright white mode.

Through the button on the bottom of the toothbrush, you can switch between different cleaning modes.

In the strong mode and the soft mode, the brush head will emit a red light with a wavelength of 660nm.

In bright white mode, the brush head will emit mild blue light with a wavelength of 480~520nm.

There is also a small ultraviolet UV lamp on the base, which helps the brush head disinfect and inhibit bacteria while charging.

Why U Shaped Toothbrush Is Loved By Adults and Kids

The biggest advantage of the U-shaped toothbrush is that it can completely wrap the teeth in 360 degrees, and the contact area between the brush head and the tooth surface is 20 times larger than that of ordinary toothbrushes. 

Therefore, the cleaning efficiency is equivalent to 20 toothbrushes working at the same time. People use ordinary toothbrushes to brush their teeth at a time. It takes at least 2-3 minutes, and it only takes 55 seconds to use a U-shaped toothbrush, which greatly saves brushing time. At the same time, it also has practical functions such as sonic vibration to massage the gums.

For children aged 2-6, they use ordinary toothbrushes. Because their bristles are hard and they have not fully mastered the brushing method, it is easy to sting the gums or oral mucosa, which makes most children resist brushing their teeth, which leads to oral cavity such as tooth decay. Health issues.

Deeply in love with children’s oral characteristics and use psychology, the children’s series of products developed have the advantages of cartoon modeling, voice teaching, efficient cleaning, etc., allowing children to treat the toothbrush as a fun toy. From the first brushing, they fall in love with brushing. So as to cultivate good tooth brushing habits and effectively avoid oral health problems. At the same time, it also solves the problem of “children don’t like brushing their teeth” which is a common headache for parents.

Why Choose Cinoll as Your U-Shaped Toothbrush Manufacturer

For now, a U-shaped toothbrush remains a new technology and new product to the market. Most factories don’t have the complete supply chain and certifications to support qualified manufacturing.

Cinoll now owns exclusive production lines and specialists to work on your U-shaped toothbrush project! We’ve developed effective private molding services and a design team to work on your handle molding, as well as silicone toothbrush supplies to fulfill your after-sales requirements. Talk to our team today and get pricelist at once!

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