What’s Teeth Whitening Pods and Why They’re So Popular?!


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What’s the most popular carrier of teeth whitening gel? Syringe or gel pen? The answer is teeth whitening pods!

Wondering what is it and how it goes popular? The first brand that use teeth whitening pods is Hismile. You can find out their latest teeth whitening gel carried not in pen nor syringe, but in those white round pill-like pods. Each pod can carry one single use of dosage of teeth whitening gel. Therefore, it’s designed for convenient usage and on-the-go carrying.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

hismile teeth whitening pods
Source: Hismile teeth whitening pods

As you can see, the teeth whitening pods of Hismile contain two main parts: the pod cap and the body. According to Hismile’s branding, the cap features a five-dot debossing, which represents a cross that means ‘plus’ to emphasize Hismile’s PAP+ formula.

Except for the plus cross on the pod cap, the pad body is printed with Hismile’s logo. Together they make up a branded teeth whitening pod.

What else you should pay attention to if you want to refresh your teeth whitening gel carrier like Hismile? The usage scenario is the key.

In fact, most of the consumers use teeth whitening gel in the bathroom or somewhere they can cleaning their teeth. Under that circumstances, consumers usually can’t control the right usage of each treatment. If he or she uses a syringe or pen, it’s hard to control how many gels should be used.

However, if the teeth whitening gel is packaged in a right-sized carrier, and easy to squeeze out the teeth whitening gel, it will make the gel using quite easy and convenient. So, I think you would have the answer to why Hismile designed a new gel pod.

Get Teeth Whitening Pods for Your Whitening Gel

Teeth Whitening Pods CinollCan I update my teeth whitening gel packaging to teeth whitening gel pods? Yes of course! We help brands and companies customized teeth whitening gel pods to meet the latest trends! You can custom:

  • The color of the teeth whitening pods
  • The gel formula(CP/HP/PAP/PAP+)
  • The packaging box of teeth whitening pods
  • The logo of teeth whitening pods

We recommend you to custom your teeth whitening pods together with your teeth whitening kits to make a completely new set. The teeth whitening gels put in the pod can be customized formula to your brands. However, if you want quick lead time and quick packaging, we have a default white packaging design for you to private label your logo quickly.

Choose a Wise Way to Attract Your Customers

It’s never easy to package your teeth whitening gel and the kits. The secret of attracting new customers is to develop a latest packaging design. And to save your budget while not decreasing the charm, choose pre-designed packaging made by the manufacturer. As a certified manufacturer of teeth whitening pods, we’re adding gel pods in our stock so that you can buy in bulk as quick as in 3 days.

Get in touch with Cinoll to get your branded teeth whitening pods!

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