Contract Manufacturing

We are committed to the quality of your product and the success of your brand.

Advantages of Our Contract Manufacturing

Reduced Lead Time

No more delay with other suppliers.

Cost Reduction

No need to worry about facilities.

Lean Supply Chain

We got everything you need.

quality check in teeth whitening contract manufacturing factory

Manage Your Brand without Worrying Production

At Cinoll, we already have the production lines of teeth whitening products, and advanced facilities to handle a wide range of manufacturing processes. Compared to producing your own products, you may also enjoy savings when it comes to facility costs, labor costs, capital investment costs, and raw material expenditures.


Under ISO Standards, in Sustainable Way

Cinoll Endeavors to be a Sustainable Company

Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

As a company in oral care and health industry, we never ask too much from the nature to build up our oralcare dream. We follow ISO standards and provide recyclable materials for our clients.

SMT workshop

SMT Workshop

SMT is a way to mount the components or parts onto the boards. Due to the better outcome and higher efficiency, SMT has become the primary approach used in the process of PCB assembly.

Cinoll has a professional team to provide turnkey service for your project. Our engineers are specialized in every step in PCB manufacturing and PCB SMT prototype, to realize the function of your oral care products.

Injection Molding Workshop

Oral care products are consumables, which the outer shapes are essential for marketing. To realize your expected design, injection molding is quite important in manufacturing.

Our team members work with product designers and mold builders to get your product ready for market. We can offer consultation and referrals for everything from design, mold creation, plastics selection, packaging, and more.

injection molding workshop
assembly workshop

Assembly Workshop

Cinoll’s large facility provides space for all decorating and assembly requirements, including mechanical assembly of finished goods.

Shrink wrapping and packaging can be staged in a variety of configurations based on end-user customer requirements.

Packaging Workshop

As an ISO certified manufacturing partner, we consistently uphold strict standards through our established process controls and quality systems.

Our facility features six loading docks and over 20 employees who work together to handle the assembly job of low- to large-volume orders.

packaging workshop

Professional-Level Oral Healthcare Products Manufacturing

Recent Projects

smiletime teeth whitening kit


SmileTime Teeth Whitening Kit

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White Smile Direct Teeth Whitening Kit
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WhiteNGoLabs Teeth Whitening Kit
elim smile teeth whitening kit manufacturer

Elim Smile

Elim Smile Teeth Whitening Kit
Whitely Teeth Whitening Kit Cinoll


Dravon Teeth Whitening Kit

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Samples before Bulk Order

We have a wide selection of oral product samples to help reinforce the benefits of partnering with Cinoll – we invite you to request our samples to help you demonstrate in practice.

Contact our sales team directly and we will get back to you in minutes!

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