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Where endless possibilities of innovation are born.

Keep Following Oral Trends

Our integrated team of structural, hardware and software engineers work together to keep us at the forefront of the dental industry.

Our R&D team conducts market analysis regularly to absorb customers’ needs, enabling us to quickly understand your ideas and bring them into reality. Clients who received professional advice from us think highly of our research and development team.

We Stand Ahead. And You Too.

Teeth whitening market is moving at lightning speed, but keeping up is not enough. We must imagine and invent our own business futures to succeed in this new age.

At our Innovation Centers, you can see the New, now. Here we demonstrate leading solutions for clients in oral care industry.

See how Cinoll using technology such as PAP+ formulations and latest packaging designs are applied to your products, and learn how they impact your business.

Design support as part of our cross-capability, helping you explore what’s possible as you hone your vision of the future.

Innovations Proven by Patents

Small Oral Care Equipment – The Next Trends

Small equipment is playing an increasingly important part in dental practice. Let our experienced engineers handle your project so you can focus on marketing.

Our project developers work closely with you through all stages of the project, making sure your project stays on-track for your promised delivery date.

small oral care equipment

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