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Everything you need to know about tongue cleaners before you run the business or find your suppliers.

People have become more and more aware of oral hygiene. Having a clean mouth does not stop at brushing your teeth. A person’s tongue is subjected to the same food and drink that your teeth are every day. Using your toothbrush to gently brush your tongue and taste helps to remove some of the bacteria that build up during the day.

Dental hygienists and dentists recommend that you clean your tongue daily. Scraping your tongue with a tongue cleaner removes more dirt and bacteria from your tongue and is not time-consuming at all.

A great business opportunity exists because we are more aware of the hygiene of our mouths.

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Luckily, you do not have to be a dentist or dental hygienist to start a teeth whitening business. Cinoll has a range of tongue scrapers that you can customize to resell to your own target audience. The fact that using your toothbrush to clean your tongue, does not remove all the dirt, and can in fact just push the dirt into your taste buds even more is becoming more and more known. That means more and more people are looking for a more effective way to clean their tongue, and enjoy overall mouth health.

All kinds of materials are used to manufacture tongue scrapers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and colors. All the tongue scrapers you order have your own branding on them. You choose from materials like plastic, metal or even wood. Each one with their own benefits. The most popular tongue scrapers on the market are the metal ones. With a choice between copper and stainless steel, each has its benefits. The metal cleaners are more durable, and the copper tongue scraper has other health benefits too.

The website has more information on the various types of tongue scrapers, and directions on how they are used, please read the article here.

top tongue scrapersTypes of Tongue Cleaners for Business to Order Wholesale

Though strictly speaking, tongue cleaners are not for teeth whitening, they are very important for a person’s overall health, not only oral health. That makes the introduction of a tongue scraper with your teeth whitening so important. Customers are likely to trust your products if you offer oral care and whitening products.

What makes the best tongue cleaner, quality? Different materials have different benefits when it comes to tongue cleaners. Knowing your different tongue cleaners and their benefits will help you a great deal when you are starting a business.

Stainless steel tongue scrapers: These tongue scrapers are more affordable than their copper counterparts. Stainless steel tongue scrapers are effective at cleaning the mouth, and once rinsed off are not a good place for bacteria to grow.

Copper tongue scrapers: These are the top of the range tongue scrapers available. They do cost more than the stainless steel or plastic ones, but copper works to fight the bacteria which causes bad breath. Bacteria that cause a film over your tongue, and affect taste, is combated by elements of the copper tongue scraper. All the benefits are great news for your customers, which is great news for you.

Plastic tongue scrapers: Plastic tongue scrapers are budget-friendly and offer a lot more customizable room. Various colors make these more attractive to younger customers. The only downside is that you need to sterilize these after use, if you want them to be stored bacteria-free.

For more information on the tongue, scraper range read this informative article.

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Online business has become the way to go. You can work from the comfort of your own home, while still being in charge. Markets, like teeth whitening, do not fade away. They do evolve all the time, which with Cinoll you can do too. They have several teeth whitening products just waiting for you to customize and sell to the public. Teeth whitening is only a small part of oral health. You have products like tongue scrapers, bamboo toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, toothpaste and children’s u-shaped toothbrushes are available too.

Cinoll treats their clients like partners and offers back-up support to help your business thrive. Even if your business runs from your dining room table. You do not need a huge budget to get started with Cinoll. This makes them the perfect business partner for a start-up.

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Customized Tongue Scrapers

The manufacturing of our tongue cleaner is done under strict surveillance so as to assure utmost quality of products. Vigilance upon quality includes every step of our business activities, from procurement of raw material to designing, making and storage.

  • CE and FDA certified
  • Private molding available
  • Customized materials and packaging
  • Comes in low MOQ of 500