Hydrated Silica

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Hydrated Silica

Made from: Silica


  • Stain Removal: Hydrated silica is mildly abrasive, making it effective in removing surface stains on teeth caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, and other sources. It acts as a polishing agent, restoring the natural whiteness of teeth.
  • Plaque Control: Hydrated silica particles have a gentle scrubbing action that helps to loosen and remove plaque buildup on teeth. Regular use of oral care products containing hydrated silica can contribute to better plaque control and reduced risk of tooth decay.
  • Tartar Control: Hydrated silica can help inhibit the formation of tartar (hardened plaque) on teeth. By disrupting the adherence of bacteria to tooth surfaces, it helps prevent the mineralization of plaque, reducing the accumulation of tartar.
  • Fresh Breath: Hydrated silica has deodorizing properties that can help combat bad breath. It absorbs and neutralizes odorous compounds, leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • Tooth Polishing: Due to its gentle abrasive nature, hydrated silica provides a polishing effect on tooth enamel, contributing to a smoother and more lustrous appearance.
  • Enamel Protection: Hydrated silica can help strengthen and protect tooth enamel. It forms a protective barrier that shields teeth from acid erosion caused by dietary acids and acidic beverages.

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