Xylitol ingredients


Made from: Birch Trees


  • Dental Cavity Prevention: Xylitol is a natural sweetener that inhibits the growth of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria thrive on sugars, but they cannot metabolize xylitol effectively. Regular use of xylitol can help reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavities.
  • Plaque Reduction: Xylitol helps disrupt the formation of dental plaque, which is a sticky biofilm that accumulates on teeth and gums. By inhibiting the growth and adhesion of plaque-causing bacteria, xylitol promotes a cleaner mouth and reduces the risk of gum disease.
  • Saliva Stimulation: Xylitol stimulates saliva production, which is essential for maintaining oral health. Saliva helps neutralize acids in the mouth, remineralize teeth, and wash away food particles and bacteria. Xylitol’s ability to increase saliva flow promotes a healthier oral environment.
  • pH Balance: Xylitol helps maintain a balanced pH level in the mouth by reducing acid production. Acidic conditions promote the growth of harmful bacteria and demineralization of tooth enamel. By creating a more alkaline environment, xylitol supports better oral health.
  • Fresh Breath: Xylitol’s ability to reduce bacterial growth and plaque formation contributes to fresher breath. By addressing the underlying causes of bad breath, xylitol can help combat halitosis and promote long-lasting oral freshness.

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